Custom Content Challenge - Theme Suggestions

I had suggested these in the old post and another in the old forum

Athas is a large world with maybe unique and great things. I would like to submit the suggestion for a Darksun second take: There are so many great things that could be made.

Definitely would love to get down with a dark sun round 2. Might even leak out some of our early stuff wink wink

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It’s maybe not very exciting but I’d like to see a better range of ordinary townsfolk - old grannies, young kids, all in more ordinary clothes - now I’m boring myself :slight_smile:

I’ll also second the Colonial stuff and the Arthurian legends.

Really like the Alice in Wonderland suggestion - that’s pretty open to interpretation !

Final thought. We have a Tropical tileset but not very much you can do with it at the moment. No facelift ( that I’m aware of). How about things tropical from any era - maybe Barbados in colonial times to combine two suggestions ? Do we even have decent pirates?

I should point out that I can barely build an argument so my interest is solely on the receiving end of any goodness. . .


Look through the catalogue (look at the statistics page for the theme titles for starters. Note each title links directly to the project page for that month). It’s not that there is a lack of stuff (more is always welcome!) more a lack of knowledge.


OK. I have, with a bit of searching, found exactly which ccc themes that won weren’t followed through -

Custom Content Challenge: November 2018: For the Dogs

Custom Content Challenge: December 2018: Dark Arts

Custom Content Challenge: February 2019: Mirror, mirror on the wall

Note that there was no CCC for January 2019 as it was rolled into February 2019’s. (See TAD’s thread)

Mirror, mirror on the wall was rescued and the other 2 are included (substitute the word Pets for Dogs - pets was actually mentioned in the original suggestion) in the current poll.

I am currently going through the list of suggestions that I have been able to create, in order to make sure that there are none there that do not include cc. As it stands there are currently 43 suggestions in addition to those in the current poll. Will post the list when I am satisfied.


Here is the list of suggestions that I have managed to compile. It is in the form of (for my convenience in managing this) an xlsx spreadsheet enclosed in a 7zip archive. Annoyingly, while you can post an xlsx file in a pm on here the Discourse software will not allow you to do the same in an open thread. Hence the 7zip archive.

This is still a provisional list so please download, peruse and comment. The oldest suggestions are from 2014, so some of these may have been voted on before but I am reasonably certain that none these suggestions actually won in any month’s poll. If you know differently please let me know. Thanks.

BTW, does anyone know an easy (aka minimum work on my part) way of converting the information into a formatted plain text format suitable for posting on here?

Suggestions.7z (21.1 KB)


Did you try exporting as a .txt or a .csv file? If you don’t have fancy formatting, it works pretty well.

Have yet to try a csv file but a text *.txt file just results in a bunched up mess and the formatted text option doesn’t fare much better.


Try copying and then pasting into Word using the destination styles. Then you can save as Word, PDF or RTF file.

In order to get what I wanted I ended up repeating what I had previously done except for transferring to excel. I then re-edited and rearranged the text. After pasting in here I also tweaked the appearance. So without further ado here is the current list excluding those in the current poll.

Comments welcomed.


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I’d like to suggest Western Theme for a challenge. I could really use the help.

If you look at my previous post you’ll see the sort of information needed -

  • A title for the theme
  • The sorts of things that you would like to suggest for that theme

As an example -

Adventurer Couture

“That cloak of protection you are wearing is so last season” While new clothing options are always welcome, I envision this topic as a bit broader. Placables that have to do with clothing production, (hanging) clothing placables, Needle swords, mannequin golems, pre fab clothing stores…
{ Suggested by modderpunk }

Alas as your suggestion stands it is hardly inspiring and unlikely to be adopted to the list of future challenges. Needs more detail.


As the clocked ticked near high noon on the town hall, the church bells in the distance began to chime early. Dang that Reverend Van Helsing, thought “Six Gun” Redhand. “Man kills one vampire and it goes to his head,” he continued as he resisted the urge to scratch the bight marks under his neckerchief.
“Come on out of that Sheriff’s Office ‘Lucky Day’! That tin star caint save you now! This town ain’t big nuf for the both of us!”
“I’m right here, Redhand”
Redhand quickly turns around and draws as Lucky jumps of his horse, chaps blowing in the wind and his Ten Gallon Hat somehow staying upright on his head.
BANG goes Redhand’s gun and Lucky dives behind the horse trough of the livery stable.
The Schoolmarm screams, bunches up her skirts, holds her bonnet upright as she rushes the children inside. WHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOWHOOOO The whistle of the 12 O’Clock special looms over the desert rails right on time.
Lucky and Redhand blast at each other BANG BANG BANG with sixguns blazing in each hand. Gunsmoke fills the air as the contestants start to shoot blind.
A silence as both men run out of bullets. “You lost fair and square at Faro you no good varmint!” Lucky screams across the tumbleweeds, oblivuous to their own danger.
“Well yer a no good cheat you…” BLAM “ARGGGGHHHH” screams Redhand.

Just then, a towering figure silhouettes through the smoke. Winchester rifle, white dress and purple sash across her ample bosom. “Stupid men. They’d be more law and order around here if you gave the woman the vote,” says the Spinster Abigail, in full Suffragette regalia.

A short pause as the smoke clears the air, the bank, the haberdasher, the barbershop begin opening the doors. People hurry towards the train station knowing the locomotive won’t miss it’s deadline just as the Overland Stage slows it’s six horses to a walk.

The undertaker, in his long black suit, stovepipe hat and tails comes out to measure Redlands body. Sheriff Lucky drinks a sip from flask, checks his cards, takes the Ace of Spades from Redhand’s body and enters the tavern through the saloon doors to the strains of “Buffalo Gal” clanking from the untuned piano. At least the sounds of “Ectasy of Gold” stopped ringing in his head. The Mayor in his brown bowler and round pince nez spectacles, simply frowns.

A lizardman in his black cowboy hat and boots walks off the stagecoach asks the dance hall girl, what’s all the commotion?

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The Wild West

“This Toolset isn’t big enough for the both of us” The Aurora Toolset is specifically geared for Medieval Fantasy design but it is so flexible it hasn’t stopped people from building Modern and other themes with it. However, there’s a distinct lack of any era in between and that includes the rich tradition of the American Western, a region of period that even covers the colonial and post colonial Americas and Australia encompossing European, African and Native traditions: horses; gunfights; cowboys; ranchers; homesteaders; gold rushes; missionary zeal; lawlessness; gamblingl escape; expansion; steam technology; opportunity and progress; victorian costume and sensibilty. Ramshackle towns could grow overnight looking to exploit opportunity away from the prying eyes of the establishment with no mind to the people that already lived there. What if those legends are real - stories of Dinosaurs, Sasquatch, The Lost Dutchman’s Gold, El Dorado, The Motherlode, The Northwest Passge and the fearsome Ghost Dance that make bullets impenetrable. Weird West, Steampunk, Cattlepunk, Fantasy Western, are all genres of this era that blend well with RPG’s, first conceived of by Captain Weber and Dave Arneson as Brownstone even before Arneson developed what would become Dungeons and Dragons.

I have worked diligently the past several months learning and building what I can, teaching myself Blender in the process because there was so little already existing in the Western theme. I will make what I can public but it’s a daunting task. Jan 2021’s PHoD’s Wendigo is a fine addition I can add for example. Any help would be very welcome.


I think we’ll go with “This Toolset ain’t big enough for the both of us” as the title for your suggestion as it’s more imaginative.



Make some noise, play elegant music

Yes, we need new food for our (pointed) ears… Are you bored, always earing the same wind sounds or that awful battle music for the 827th time ? This is your opportunity to enlarge the Nwn soundscape. Get your audacity, your microphone and recorder ready, or grab some public domain samples and, to the works… Nature, civilisation, magic and weird noises, frightening sounds, voices, great music (medieval, modern, symphonic, etc.) abound… There is a whole sonic world out there, we can capture and adapt to our favorite game. But please, if you use others works, do verify these are not commercial and always provide artists names references and original tune or sound names.


Hi Pstemarie,

at first a big thanks to you for keep the CCC running. I`m always looking forward to new awesome content. Here is my suggestion:

Arcana of the Ancients

In 2013 was a new RPG named “Numenera” released. The campaign world is the earth one billion years in the future where powerful technologies of the past world are discovered and used by the people but are more or less viewed as magic. Its a bizarre, strange and totally awesome setting and spawned even a computer game. A cool introductory video to the setting can be found here. Now there is a supplement called “Arcana of the Ancients” for D&D where the Science-Fantasy spirit is taken to D & D campaigns and even a conversion of Numenera for D&D. This offers plenty of possibilities for cool stuff like: Sci-Fantasy weaponery, Cyphers, Creatures, Automatons (Robots), Ancient Machinery, Vehicles like Submarines, Ships etc, etc etc. or even whole tilesets of strange dimensions.


May I make some suggestions? How about something Middle-Eastern? I don’t mean Egyptian or Pharaoh themed but Biblical and Islamic themed like the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s Temple, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, various Mosques etc. Something like the atmosphere from the first Assassin’s Creed is what I’m imagining. We do have the CTP Babylon tileset and Zwerkules’ Arabian Nights tileset which are both excellent. Maybe it could be a polishing up of existing desert tilesets to bring them up to the standard of the Medieval City tileset.