Custom Effect desired/requested

Cross-posted from the NWN1 forums.

I have a situation where a custom effect might be useful. I want a “ripple” visual effect which can be applied above water. Perhaps more than one effect.

I need one effect which produces a single ripple which goes away, then another which produces more of a splashing over an area, similar to the mist visual effect but for water. The first effect would be an instantaneous effect while the second would be a duration effect.

The purpose of the first effect would be to simulate a small item being thrown into the water, while the purpose of the second would be to simulate a net being thrown into the water and the water being disturbed by fish trying to escape. In this case, I want to simulate fishing either with a line or a net, although I can see other uses for the effect.

If nobody has created such a visual effect, I’d be interested in either getting one or trying to create one, although I have no idea where to get the tools to make the animation nor do I know how to incorporate it into the game.

There is a pond ripple here - Sun, the Moon and Ripples | The Neverwinter Vault made by Zwerkules. It does not address your second splashing request though.


Thank you, I’ve downloaded that and will check it out. In a pinch, the ripple effect might be sufficient.