Custom Effect desired

I have a situation where a custom effect might be useful. I want a “ripple” visual effect which can be applied above water. Perhaps more than one effect.

I need one effect which produces a single ripple which goes away, then another which produces more of a splashing over an area, similar to the mist visual effect but for water. The first effect would be an instantaneous effect while the second would be a duration effect.

The purpose of the first effect would be to simulate a small item being thrown into the water, while the purpose of the second would be to simulate a net being thrown into the water and the water being disturbed by fish trying to escape. In this case, I want to simulate fishing either with a line or a net, although I can see other uses for the effect.

If nobody has created such a visual effect, I’d be interested in either getting one or trying to create one, although I have no idea where to get the tools to make the animation nor do I know how to incorporate it into the game.

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this is awesome. :slight_smile:

i think the easiest way to do this would be :

  • create the model for the visual effect
  • update vfx_persistent.2da to make the model available to the game
  • apply the effect where needed w/EffectAreaOfEffect() and ApplyEffectAtLocation().

of course that first step is 90% of the work… i’d love to be able to help you there, but modeling is where i’m severely lacking. you might want to ask in the custom content forum. otoh i could help you integrate the model [steps 2 & 3] once it’s done.