Custom Model Is Invisible In-Game

I am working on creating some custom curbs based on the originals. I have created a simple square one, but when I import it in-game the model it invisible. Does anyone know of some possible causes?


Usually that’s due to a typo in the 2da file. If the model is there but invisible, you may have the surface normals flipped.

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Or maybe you forgot to put normal map on your model

If the normals are flipped - he’ll see the model inside out.

Thank you for the replies so far, guys. So, the model is selectable, it is just invisible. There is no outline or anything. I am guessing I did something wrong in 3DS, but it has been a long time since I modeled things for NWN2.

So, here is what I did; I took a curb from NWN2, cut off a corner, duplicated it, then merged the pieces into one simple square. I left the texture mappings as-is, made a new collision mesh, and resized the orange block (I assume this is a walkmesh?). I exported all of that to an MDB and placed it into the override to test.

I didn’t see this before, so it may probably be solved by now, but a few other things that could lead to invisible custom content:

  • scale issue (even if it’s selectable, what you see is the collision box [the green cube in the toolset]). Did you try with (1,1,1) or (100,100,100) scaling?
  • object type issue: in the mdb, everything that is not “character (skin)” or “placeable (rigid)” is invisible. By default, any new model is type “none”…
  • naming issue: the name of the .mdb must be the same as the name of the model in 3ds max or blender.
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No, I gave up on the model. I will take another look at it. Thanks for the suggestions, @4760!

You could try the Collision options to see if the model bounding box is even there. If it isn’t, it’s probably a 2da issue.

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