Custom outfit - make only usable for PC?

Is there a way to make a custom made armor/outfit only usable for the PC? When looking at Item Properties it doesn’t seem possible. Then I thought that maybe you could make a script for this, but only variables are appliable on an item it seems.

Maybe I’ve found a way. If one uses the template for Item Equipped maybe you could do a limitation there.

Edit: It worked. I made a script based on the Item Equipped template and it worked like a charm:

// i_temp_eq
   Template for an Equip item script.
   This script will run each time the item is equipped.
   How to use this script:
   Replace the word "temp" (in line 1) with the tag of the item.  Rename the script with this name.  
   Additional Info:
   In general, all the item "tag-based" scripts will be named as follows:
   - a prefix ("i_" by defualt)
   - the tag of the item
   - a postfix indicating the item event.
   This script will be called automatically (by defualt) whether it exists or not.  If if does not exist, nothing happens.
   Note: this script runs on the module object, an important consideration for assigning actions.
// Name_Date

void main()
    object oPC      = GetPCItemLastEquippedBy();
    object oItem    = GetPCItemLastEquipped();
	object oPC1 = GetFirstPC();

	if(oPC != oPC1)
	AssignCommand(oPC, ClearAllActions());
	AssignCommand(oPC, ActionUnequipItem(oItem));
	FloatingTextStringOnCreature("Only your main character can equip this outfit.", oPC1, FALSE);	


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