Custom Placeable Door Issue

I am trying to create a new placeable door from an existing door model so that it will work with the CEP gateblock system, but I’ve run into a problem.
I’ve renamed the model and its internal references, and created a suitable line in placeables .2da.
I’ve edited a copy of the CEP city gate Large Metal Door (zlc_o25.mdl), and changed the appearance to my new model which shows up fine and dandy.
However, the Initial State in Advanced Properties defaults to Destroyed and there are NO other options!
When I paint the doorway into an area, it appears below the ground plane in its destroyed state.
I have not created a .pwk for the placeable, since the CEP placeable doors don’t require them (that’s what the gateblock is for.)
If anyone can suggest why the Initial States of Open and Closed have vanished, I would be very grateful indeed.
Mr T

There is no point of placeable doors when you can place real doors anywhere. Briefly:

  1. place a tile that can take doors in them and then place doors from palette of your choosing, or a tile that automatically comes with tileset-specific doors
  2. right click the doors in the area list on left side of the toolset and select adjust location
  3. adjust location of X or Y by 10 points or more, this will move doors elsewhere
  4. delete the tile you placed unless you want it there
  5. repeat the adjust location on the doors to move them where you want them to be
  6. if you use NWN-EE you can even use sccaling and rotation to make them bigger or lying on the floor.

This is well known. What is not known is that you can get this way even tileset specific doors from another tileset. There are two way how to do that. The simpler way is to create an area in tileset that has the doors you want, repeat step 1 and save area. Then open the area *.git in GFF editor, copy the door inside DoorList list, and open from that opened instance of GFF editor *.git file of an area you want to place them into. Then click on the DoorList and paste. Save and exit, reopen the area in toolset, and then just perform step 5.

The other method is directly modifying the area and specific door model via GFF editor, but that requires quite a lot of knowledge I am too tired to explain now. Maybe someone else can give you more details, if you prefer this option.

Just a guess as I’ve never used them, but do you have the useable flag checked?

Thanks once again, Shadooow, and sorry for making you type so much when you were tired!!
The reason I needed a CEP Gateblock door was because I was using a buggy (but vital) Castle Construction Set gateway model which allowed PCs to walk right through the gate and portcullis, and CMv3 couldn’t repair the model because it had too many issues!!
I have now found a clean version of the model from another hak and it works fine, so I no longer need a workaround.

Thanks also, Pstemarie, for trying to help. Case closed!