Custom Polymorphing, Simple How To Needed

Can someone either point me to a tutorial or explain to me how to go about custom polymorphing. I have come across a custom creature I had completely forgotten about and would like the ability to polymorph the PC into it semi-permanently.

I could swear that there was a tutorial but I can’t find it.

Thanks for any help.



It’s quite easy.

Open polymorph.2da and add a new line with your desired polymorph type. All the parameters are explained here.

And then use

effect EffectPolymorph(
int nPolymorphSelection,
int nLocked = FALSE

in your script.

nPolymorphSelection is just the index of the row in polymorph.2da.

See an example on Lexicon.


Thanks, after killing a bunch of syntax errors, this works a treat.


Fresh questions.

Is there any way to stop the PC reverting to their normal form when they rest?

Also, unrelated question for another monster (not for polymorphing). Is there any way in the toolset to set a custom creatures size class (e.g. tiny, small, etc.)


Is there any way to stop the PC reverting to their normal form when they rest?

Have you tried applying the polymorph effect permanently? The player can cancel it manually at will from the radial menu (if you leave ‘nLocked = FALSE’ in EffectPolymorph()).

As for creature sizes there’s a file called creaturesize.2da that defines the size categories for creatures. This information is referenced by the “SIZECATEGORY” column of appearance.2da. You can try to add new rows to creaturesize.2da, link them to your custom appearances and then check if this will have any outcome (I guess size categories may be hardcoded).

use DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT for this effect, should work. Also, you can change OnRested script, but the first solution will be better.

Fixed it. I got a pm that told me to make it a supernatural effect and that did the trick.

Thanks guys.