Custom Portrait Problem

Giving Lisa’s Clothes Horse HotU Padded a bit of a workout at the moment and I have come across a problem. It comes with a small hak of custom portraits. Thing is none of them are showing up in game. Using NwHak shows that neither LisasClothes168.hak or Opt_Portraits.hak has a portraits.2da in them. Is that the reason why the no-show? Or is this just me, is it an EE thing or is it something else?


@Tarot_Redhand, I’ve just checked all my Lisa haks and no portraits 2da in any of them ( and I have a few!) I also have a Lisa erf but have no idea why it might, or how it even could, be in there.

However, I am also on EE.

Portraits are not selectable in the toolset unless you add them to portraits.2da.

Thanks. I suspected as much. Don’t understand why Lisa didn’t do that in the 1st place.