Custom projectile vfx?

i’ve been playing around w/creating some custom projectile effects and i’ve run into a problem. although the projectiles are sailing through the air nicely and arriving at the target correctly, the vfx is also appearing on the target’s impact node immediately when applied. this only seems to happen w/trimesh models and emitter-only models with spawntype 0 ; emitter-only models with spawntype 1 don’t have this problem. ideally i’d like the vfx to be applied to the target only on impact. this is what happens with ammunition projectiles for example, but that behaviour is hardcoded in the game client.

i’m thinking this might not be solvable, but thought i’d throw it out there in case anyone’s already covered this territory before. anyone have any ideas about how i could get this to work ?

NWN diamond 1.69.


Worst case make a separate impact vfx. Forget the limitations since this was opened in ee (progvfx.2da), but think nwncx might cover.

I think we got some things to kinda sort work in 1.69 by referencing the vfx model directly in spells.2da as the projectile model. For example, we used a recolored Magic Missile VFX projectile for some AA featspell abilities using that approach. That’s about as good as it gets unless you move to EE and check into the capabilities of progfx.2da, as Lokey suggests. If you want custom MIRVs with multiple scripted projectiles, I think you’ll need the Enhanced Edition, period.