Custom tlk

I didn’t find any post about it, so I guess you should share what I found: when you create a custom tlk, make sure the first line (numbered 0) is not empty.
If it doesn’t contain any string, any custom class using a string from the custom tlk will show on the main PC at the loading game stage. It’s just a “graphical” issue however.

And for those wondering why I didn’t start at line 0: I initially used range 25501 to 25785 in the NWN2 dialog.tlk file, but decided - at least for the time being - to move them to a custom tlk file because:

  • that way, changes made to dialog.tlk (Kaedrin, Kev’L) won’t be lost,
  • French and English versions of the strings can be used (just change the custom tlk file in your campaign/mod),
  • keeping the line number after the move doesn’t require any change in the constants (all I had to do was to add the “magic number” 16777216
    to the line number).
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