Custom Token Unwanted Persistency Between Loads

Hi All,

I just discovered that if I play a saved game where a custom token has been set, and then load a game after going back to the main menu (without exiting to desktop), there is a risk of the custom token keeping the same info set in the previous loaded game!

I had to leave the game and exit to desktop, and reload the game again before the custom token had cleared (as expected).

Something to keep an eye on … :frowning:

May even have to consider re-initializing all custom tokens upon entry now.

Thanks, Lance.


As it happens, I believe I do have most of my tokens re-initialize. It just so happens that I was forcing a journal entry on start (for testing) without applying the custom token refresh routine (which normally happens at this time) and so I noticed it - It gave me quite a shock. :open_mouth:

However, I may double check just to be sure.

Cheers, Lance.

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