Custom Traps and Standard Scripts

So I really don’t like the pricing of traps, at all. it really doesn’t work for the world I am working on.

My question is that if I create copies of the traps and change the pricing but keep the same tags will the standard trap scripting still work or will I need to modify that? I also want the “recovered” traps and crafted to be my custom traps not the standard items in the game.

Anyone have any experience or ideas there?


Going to guess nobody knows for sure. I expect that means a lot of testing is instore for me.

I will be sure to post where what I find out in case others are interested. I am going to guess it actually fires of the ResRef and not the Tag of items though which may complicate things. If anyone has any ideas / knowledge though please feel free to chime in.

traps.2da contains everything you need

and if cost is all you need to change, you don’t have to make new blueprints, you can take vanilla blueprints and alter them in toolset


Thanks I will look into that right away.