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I see a couple recolors, or skins of the current layout of NWN… but if I wanted to make a mod for NWN that let me portray the game info in a different way, where would I get started? Like the top right bar for HP is getting harder for me to keep track of as I get older and want to maybe develop a more modern HP bar in the bottom left of my screen that goes from left to right instead of up to down. Is there any precedence for altering the UI of NWN to that extent?

Some of the folks managed to render custom HP/MP/etc bars and it looks stylish. But it is very hard to do - it uses PostString and making custom font. And none of those were released for public. I was not able to figure up how to code the font coords myself so I can’t tell you more than this.

Talk to @Daz or @ShadowM in the Discord channel - not sure how often they check in here - about using the new NUI features added in the latest DEV patch. You should be able to make an HP bar using NUI.

Daz posted a module for download that gives an example of a persistent chest and ShadowM, iirc, posted a demo most for some bars made using NUI. Some other folks have posted examples too. You’ll want the NWNEE channel.

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