Custom voicesets and music overrides for beginners?

Now that I’m more or less comfortable with creating PC head hakpaks (thanks to the invaluable help of Malagant, as well as some old instructions by Lisa and advice by Proleric), the next step in customizing NWN to my personal preferences would be learning how to change or add to the voicesets and replace the default music.

Would anyone be willing to walk me through it or can you point me to a good tutorial?

Is there a limit to the number of voicesets NWN can display on character customization? Can you rename the buttons? E.g. would it be possible to have a button called “Imoen” there and then link the files from BG to it?

Do I actually have to replace the music files (in the C:\ game folder) or can they be overridden in-game by something I put in the Documents folder as well?

Are bmu files just renamed mp3s and are voicesets regular wav files, or do they need to adhere to some particular size limits, sample rates or similar?

Thanks for any help you can offer! :slightly_smiling_face:

Voice sets haven’t changed much if at all… There’s a section in CCC guide by Eligio…

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Found it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I see there’s a bit about bmu files in there, too, but apparently nothing about replacing default music.


bmu files are mp3s with a “BMU” inserted in their file-header

some (many?) wav files in Nwn1/2 are really mp3s

so … this could be handy to have

MediaInfo (examines a media file and gives excellent characteristics)

type, sample-rate, bit-depth, mono/stereo, etc.


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CCC Guide is our bible ! :wink:

Personally I’ve never done anything with music so others might have to chime in… but other than maybe some new file formats and I think music can now be in hak, little has changed there too…

Carry on Sir !

Two sources for you. There’s the Ancient Bioware PDF Tutorials which deals with adding custom sounds but not voicesets per se and the Custom Content Guide v3.0 which has a section on voicesets.

Little trick for you. If you open an mp3 file with a plain text editor you can see all kinds of readable information. Now if you open a bmu file you will see that the only difference between classic bmu files and mp3s are the first 8 bytes of the bmu (IIRC “BMU V1.0” but don’t quote me). This was done to get around the patents on mp3 by Bioware. I do believe that for EE you can just use plain mp3s as long as you just change the extension to bmu (make a copy first before trying just in case). FWIW you can do a quick check for copywrite by opening BMUs/MP3s in a text editor too.


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Thanks for the replies!

What I’m wondering is e.g. how to apply something like this. It seems in 1.69 you would have to make a backup copy of your game files stored in the installation folder and then overwrite the original files with the ones contained in the zip file (so not really an override, but a replacement). Since in EE all custom stuff is stored in the Documents folder and you are not meant to touch the installation folder, I wonder, if there is now some way to really override the default music, or whether you still have to go to the installation folder and replace the original files.

in nwn2 I had to change some of the opening music in the installation folder (couldn’t stand the blaring fanfare and replaced it with something super mellow /heh). If you do change something in installation, i suggest first renaming the original file and write a quick textfile with the same name that describes what ya did

or keep a MasterofChanges.txt somewhere …

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Yeah, I replaced the SoZ fanfare too to the original theme. I’ve also replaced the main menu screen because I thought the SoZ one was ugly. Just as already mentioned, it’s just finding the correct music file you want and then renaming it to the one you wish to replace.

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A good way to learn about music is to play with the Community Music Pack which has installation instructions.

Adding your own music is then straightforward.


Just to clear a few things up. I believe @Olivier_Leroux was asking about voicesets. In NwN a voiceset is a set of things that are spoken as opposed to music which is a simpler proposition. BTW, not 100% sure but I seem to recall that there was a change for EE in that music files can now be stored in a hak instead of having to go in the Music folder. But then again maybe I’m wrong.


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I asked about both. :wink: I guess I could have created two separate threads, but I thought both has to do with sound, so why not combine my questions. Sorry for the confusion!

Is that mainly for adding music to modules or also helpful for creating overrides?

Now that you and andgalf mentioned it, I remember I did that, too. :smiley:
I replaced it with the Mask of Betrayer music, because it sounds a little bit like Mark Morgan’s Planescape: Torment soundtrack, which is much more to my liking. :innocent: (I also changed the background to MotB).

Anyway, the reason why I was hoping you could create an override is because that way it would be easier to share with my friends when we play together, just like the other stuff I put together (portraits, heads, voicesets). Asking them to replace original files is much more complicated - and possibly offputting to them - then just sending them a zip file for the override folder. Then again, they haven’t played NWN yet, so who knows, maybe they wouldn’t even be bothered as much by the default music as I am. :sweat_smile:

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CMP potentially allows you to do both.

As shipped, it adds new tracks for use by modules.

However, you can rename the CMP files to overwrite official ones (preferably after a backup!) so that existing modules will play the new music.

I can’t comment on multiplayer, but if, as seems likely, modifying the server isn’t sufficient, you could mod all the clients in that way.

Oh, okay, you mean check the music files for songs I could use to replace the default ones. Yeah, the CMP has some very nice tracks. :slightly_smiling_face: :notes: