Custom Weapon Request

Hello.I am new to the forums and if this is in the wrong place, forgive me. I was looking for someone to help me with a custom weapon request. I would love to see “Talon’s Sword” from "The Sword and Sorcerer(2 handed) in NWN1. If there are any websites, emails etc that I can contact, that would also be appreciated. Thank you all.

I haven’t seen that particular sword in NWN.

I guess you could make something similar in the toolset, if you just want something that’s “close enough” - there is a selection of models and colours for the three component parts.

Maybe use Beamdog’s Enhanced Longswords if they look better.

If you are talking about playing the OC, that’s about as good as it gets.

If you’re making a module, there are more options in CEP 2 and other packages.

If you were very lucky, perhaps one of the modelmakers here might rise to the challenge of making an exact replica, but that’s a big ask.


No idea how this looks like. Please post a picture.


Not too many good images out there. The 2nd one was from a Skyrim mod that someone made. I would love to see this in 2 handed version.

I see, this one is very special. I don’t think that something like this is already in the vault. My best suggestion is to to ask those guys who recently posted Items and weapons. (Bill Harper, PassionateShadow or others).

Maybe one of them will take the challenge.