Customizing RacialTypes.2da new fields = hard crash

Just a heads up to everyone. In the latest stable patch, the RacialTypes.2da has some new fields. The two that I’ve tested so far, NormalFeatEveryNthLevel and NumberNormalFeatsEveryNthLevel are problematic.

For the Dark Sun campaign, we’re trying to replicate AD&D 2nd edition rules, so I’d love to control feat access exclusively within classes rather than allow character feats at 1st, 4th, 7th, etc. per 3rd edition. The existence of these two new fields appear to give such control. So I tried setting the values to “****” but when I level-up in game, it crashes hard. So I tried using “0” instead. Same result. I have not tried increasing the number of NormalFeats or the NthLevel but I suspect that it would also crash the game.

Frankly, given the fragility of the level-up system I’m not surprised, just disappointed. Hopefully sometime in the future, BD will rewrite the level-up system to actually follow all of the rules of the 2das for both PCs and NPCs alike without crashing. :thinking:

[And yes, there are some legacy problems with the way the level-up system chokes on certain fields in feats.2da for NPCs but not PCs. Go figure.]

The field basically confirms that NWN uses math to determine what level you’re supposed to be getting your feat at, specifically by dividing your total level by NthLevel. Thus, setting it to 0 (or ****, which is functionally 0) is basically making the game attempt divide your level by 0, which isn’t mathematically possible, which is what probably results in the crash.

After quickly testing some edits to the 2da, I would recommend that rather than changing “NormalFeatEveryNthLevel” you set the field “NumberNormalFeatsEveryNthLevel” to 0 for each race. This removes feats from levelup entirely, including the feat you gain at first level. If you’re intending to use that first level feat for something else, then I would recommend setting “NormalFeatEveryNthLevel” to anywhere from 1 higher than your max level, such as 21 for a pre-epic server or 41 for an epic server, all the way to something as ridiculous as 999, as this retains the feat on first level while keeping the next potential feat just out of reach.

EDIT: I may be, in fact, blind. Turns out, my “better” solution doesn’t actually let you finish character creation, as the “Customize” button stays grayed out unless you pick a feat. It works as I expected once you leave character creation, such as when playing with a premade character, but it appears you must pick a feat in order to finish building your character. Protip for myself and others: when you go to test something, actually finish the test instead of making assumptions.

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@DerpCity - good idea. I’ll give it a try.

I set the Normal FeatEveryNthLevel to 21 and it worked a expected. @DerpCity, I think you are correct that the problem was a divide by zero calculation. Thanks!

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