Cutting Room Floor Project for NWN2

Dunno if you guys heard of the Cutting Room Floor but from what I gather its a mod from nexus the implements cut content back into the games it is ment for, like say Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, or Fallout: New Vegas. Reason I’m bringing this up is because NWN2 developers has ALOT of neat cut content like the scene with sand trying to “teach” qara to discipline and hone her arcane powers only to have her burst a few barrels into a fiery explosion and him casually walking back saying to the kalach-cha “she is a monster.” or say in storm of zehir, there is a cut cohort Zarl who has his own signature weapon and armor piece and commentary triggers for each specific area (I personally love the one in the dragon cave where he snarks “Dragon, huh? Bet he never fought a super gnoll before” and another when he approaches Crossroad Keep saying something like “They call this a keep what a waste of…oh THIS is Crossroad keep.” but yeah so much cool things cut possibly due to time restraint.


Welcome to the Vault tigerfrenzy. Thank you for the Info. I must have missed that at Nexus.

Thank you! has more info on their projects so far they reintroduced some stuff for nwn original but non in nwn2 which is saddening.

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