D20 modern item/inventory problem


I’m making a D20 modern mod and having problems with the inventory and some items.
While in toolset there are no problems, but ingame the “modern background” for the players inventory is changed back to the standard one, and many modern items have their inventory icons changed or dissappear from the game! Also weird shadow problem with some weapons.
Best shown via screenshots.
This is the standard 2.2 base module, just changed by placing an NPC and items. standard items (but I’ve tried altering their appearance/color etc. without effect)
I have CEP 2.65 installed also. Nothing in override. It’s steam version and subscribing to a few things like CEP, BeamDog new weapons and a tileset. I tried temporarily emptying the workshop folder but no effect.
I hae tested this on 2 different computers and reinstalled ModernD20 2.2 , tested on old module using 2.1 , all with the same result.!
Any help will be greatly appreciated!


im using d20 modern but just part of the base d20 classes and skillsets but from what im learning, as this is mostly a learn-as-you-go kinda thing, is that the whole d20 system is very buggy.

Im using a very lite version of the weapon system too and from what i learned,i removed a greater part of the weapons, is that most likely you will still see them show up as crossbows due to either the guns creator nver bothered making icons, or you will have to go double check that every piece is set to a number that shows nothing at all if that makes any sense

thats just a guess considering that i never ran into this problem and i am, in a way, using the exact same haks.


thanks for your reply, but my problem is not that the icons are missing altogether, but only missing ingame! everything shows up fine in the toolset…(see screenshots) I have no idea what can cause that?
( and same result with base module, so not related to my mod)


yeah i know which is why im saying that the system is just buggy because it shows up that way for me too its how the guns are made