D20 Modern Version 2.2

After a major overhaul of the very old D20 Modern Exterior tileset by Vahnhaunt (a big thank you for this work is needed, it’s extremely welcome thumbs up) it seemed timely to move to a version 2.2 of the D20 Modern hak pak set.

It literally is just the tileset right now while I add in new content to the other haks and correct any identified issues, but as I know people are waiting for Vahnhaunt’s work. Watch this space for announcements as further additions come through.

Project link: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/combined/d20-modern-haks-version-22


FWIW if you want some great resources for modern stuff have a look at the free models and textures that NASA makes available for download. It’s not all spacecraft and planets/asteroids either. Even if you’re not that interested I would really advise you taking a look.



Those are really cool. I’ve only got Gmax though so can they be imported?

IIRC 3ds is a native format for gmax. If not there are definitely gmax scripts that can import them.