Damage Reduction?

This is a question about Damage Reduction, not Damage Resistance (which is not supposed to work properly anyway).

If I have a damage reduction of 5/, what damage am I reducing by 5 points?

Physical Damage - (Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing)?

Elemental Damage - (Fire, Cold, Electric, Acid, Sonic)?

Energy Damage - (Positive energy, Negative energy)?

Magic Damage - (Good, Evil, Chaotic, Lawful, Beasts, All)?

Some other damage I have not listed?

Some combination of these? All of them?

The wiki probably has the best explanation.

But, in my experience, Damage Reduction effects only physical damage (Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing). While Damage Resistance effects only NON-physical damage.

Damage resistance that has a physical property is broke in the stock game blueprints. But the NWN2Fixes file has fixed some blueprints so that they actually block physical damage by using damage reduction instead of damage resistance.


Reduction should be thought of as vs. physical
Resistance as vs. non-physical

The value after the slash in Reduction is what penetrates
after the slash in Resistance is what gets mitigated

a blank value after the slash means none/all damage-types (physical/non-physical respectively)

reductions were changed for Nwn2 and are not thoroughly implemented, but they work well enough, by and large. Of major note is that they can’t be scripted onto an item as an itemproperty; they need to be set in the toolset on each blueprint. Reductions, as an effect, however, can be scripted successfully onto a creature …


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Clarification, IIRC the DR on the stock adamantine shields is borked. Is that just a problem with the blueprints or will DR on work on any shield?

It’s a problem with blueprints for adamantine shields.

Due to a bug, Adamantine shields confer no damage reduction. This is because all Adamatine shields list damage reduction as “DR x/” (without the hyphen) instead of “DR x/-”. The result is these shields are missing the type of damage to which they have a reduction and, therefore, no DR effect, because everything penetrates.

That’s strange it hasn’t been fixed in TCC yet, since It’s very easy to fix.


I get it, there has to be something after the slash to tell the game engine what the bypass criteria is.
So if the current options are:

  • Adamantine
  • Cold Iron
  • Alchemical Silver
  • Magic

Is there a way to expand or add criteria to the list? Specifically, I’ve seen custom items that use non-crafting materials (e.g. obsidian, bronze, etc.)