Dark Dreams of Furiae bugs!

So far, I managed to complete this module with the help of a few console commands because honestly it’s the buggiest NWN module I ever played, and at current stage, definitely not recommended to buy.

Critical Bug №1: After the mercenary relative to Hissari girl attacks you in Soul Trade inn, apparently ALL city guards in the whole town become hostile to you. The most ridiculous part, the pirate girl in Sea Market region becomes hostile too, and since she is immortal the only way to avoid defeat is to pacify her with a console command dm_setfaction

Critical Bug №2: After you defeat Hissari, game tells you to check warehouse in Sea Market, but surprise! - the arc between houses which leads to the warehouse it is still locked behind a cage. The only way to get there is to use DebugMode 1 and then teleport a character behind the “gates”. You then can go to the warehouse and game continues as normal.

Minor issues:

  1. For some reason game blocked me from ever reaching Rat Corner. The quest about streat level of distribution of Worldwine automatically got failed on day 2
  2. A lot of containers are stuck in the terrain and the only way to loot them is to destroy them with weapons and then look the bag with remainings
  3. There are black holes leading to nowhere in some buildings, where supposed to be doors. For example, the door in clerk building for the very first investigation
  4. Companions do not level up with you and do not use standard henchmen AI system
  5. You can pickpocket some NPCs for daggers +5 and trade them for a nasty sum of gold (somewhere around 12000 each). +5 weapon is some kind of a godlike weapon enchantment according to lore so I wonder why they are present in the module which takes characters to the level 9 max. Besides, you cannot actually find a good use for that sum of gold in this module.
  6. There are containers blocked by spider web in the pre-final level. The only way to loot them is to use teleport cheat mentioned above
  7. You can find items from NWN 1 OC in stores and barrels. Finding an artifact from OC in merchants store, as well as finding i.e. Port Llast book in Furiae bookcase are frustrating and immersion breaking events
  8. You can randomly find a Restoration/Lesser Restoration potion and remove the curse put on the player during nightmare (-1 CON for each Nightmare). Not sure if this is intended or not, but it breaks immersion
  9. There are loops which can allow you to infinitely shift your alignment: addict girl in red costume in first location can infinitely shift you towards Lawful, while window in bakery shop can infinitely shift your alignment towards Chaotic
  10. Some persuasive dialogue rolls can be rolled multiple times. I. e. you try to convince the guard captain multiple times that you don’t know about burned warehouse
  11. Some cutscenes can be replayed multiple times, i.e. Teddy scene in Corano mansion
  12. The quest about magical rings was never completed and I haven’t found a way to close it
  13. Nothing happens when you complete the module. You just end up in a closed location “The End” and have to manually export character. No achievements too…

You can report bugs here.

I tried, they seem to not care about this Service Desk thing much

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Well, it seems to be the official way, as Beamdog’s community manager keeps linking to it whenever someone talks about bugs in Dark Dreams of Furiae. I can’t say with what priority they will look at bug notes for the new DLC, but given the really negative ratings it’s getting, it would be wise for them to pay attention to a report as thorough as yours, and it would be a shame if all the work you put into writing this down would be in vain instead of benefitting future players.

Here on the forums I don’t think anyone from Beamdog will read it, so it probably serves no other purpose then to dissuade people from buying it, but in order to achieve that you wouldn’t have needed to go to all this trouble.

Or did you mean to say you already posted your bug report there and they haven’t reacted to it yet? In that case, thank you very much, either way! Who knows, maybe it will have an effect eventually. :slight_smile:

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Please be patient. The game has been available for what - less than a week?

Good quality bug reports will help them make good use of whatever time they have to make improvements.


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Just in case, the issue number in Service Desk is NWNS-1592.

I really hope they will do something to address those issues and to improve quality and replayability of the module. Some parts of it were quite immersive and enjoyable. Though currently I believe up to 30% of the module content need complete rework. Specifically NPC side stories (which currently do not affect the game in any way and they aren’t really a “quests”. They feel completely wasted and out of place) and design of some locations.

Exploring part is the most interesting, and has a potential, but they killed this potential effectively by forcing the player to hurry up because quests progress is affected by real time. This is the worst game design decision here because it even further limits player’s freedom which is already limited by small maps and limited choices. Personally I’d like to have more freedom in exploration, like in Cormyrean Nights or Tortured Hearts.

Also some locations need to be more attached to the story as a whole. Like Guard post, for example: currently you can just completely skip it and you won’t lose any part of the story. Etc.

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For what it’s worth, I have been getting a response to bug reports, but it generally takes a few days.

Ugh… I hated this in Kingmaker and they decided to bring it back for a 2020 module? Really? Putting an arbitrary cap on your own module’s play time, when usually developers would want to offer as much playtime as possible… really? Also, dice-roll combat system means that combat encounters can take wildly different times to finish, so you get punished if you drag out combat even for a bit.

I hated this timer in Hordes of Underdark too, when you wasn’t able to complete all side quests in Underdark because you had to defend the city from drow assault. Like, seriously… by the way, there’s no mod to remove that timer? I’d gladly replay HotU again just to have no time restrictions in exploring Underdark.


Does it have custom content haks? Are they encrypted? Cause my anaconda wants none of that.

I tried playing this module, but I can’t recommend it.

Even setting aside the bugs mentioned above, gameplay is just frustrating.

Turns out that “time is of the essence” refers not to the game clock, but to some arbitrary logic behind the scenes that says “you can’t do that yet” or “you can’t do that quest anymore” in response to plot events which are, I think, impossible to fathom. I sense that the authors have some perfect order of quests in mind, but have left not the slightest clue as to what that might be.

The henchman interface is even more primitive than the OC :frowning_face:. I could go on, but you get the picture…


This is starting to sound like a player’s first created module given how many rookie mistakes and critical errors there are, yet somehow thinks it is worth $5.25 (or was it higher when it just released, I’m not sure…). If you’re gonna put a price tag on it, it’d better be well-polished and full of custom content. Even from the previews alone, this screams “do not buy”!


I purchased the module from GOG when it became available, downloaded and installed the module, and then discovered that it couldn’t run. I re-downloaded the OC and tried again…to no avail. I received an email from Beamdog, announcing a patch. Went back to GOG, downloaded the only patch available, ran it and was told the game was newer than the patch.
Still can’t play it and based upon the comments, I’m probably much better off to continue with the Swordflight series.

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It has custom haks but the files are not protected, so you can freely examine the module in the toolset. I haven’t had a chance to play yet, and I’ve unwittingly exposed myself to spoilers just by reading the first post, so now I’m thinking of glancing through and seeing if I can’t spot and debug some of the issues.

I’ve actually already delved into the scripts a bit to try to find out how they coded the daily newspaper feature, since that’s something I’m looking to implement into a PW project: I want a daily or weekly broadsheet reporting on things like high-level monsters slain, changing faction relationships, epic quests finished by PCs, etc. Was disappointed to find that the newspaper articles in this mod are predetermined and railroaded along with (apparently) the gameplay. There’s nothing dynamic about them and while it fits the narrative of the module, it’s so boring!

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I did enjoy it, it had some interesting story elements, I thought the writing was pretty good, some good stuff, lots of cool lore and good writing, but the execution of the missions and overall structure of the adventure was rough. I love the new tileset, though. How do you gain access to it?

Nevermind, I had put the ddf.hak file in the wrong directory…

There is a patch of about 17.5 meg. (Somewhat sparse) Patch notes here.