Dark Energy promotion

A shameless promotion for my latest module Dark Energy.

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This reply is from a tablet. Apparently I can sign in on multiple devices and talk to myself.

Maybe the first sign of madness, but not a problem otherwise.


So bbcode in [ ] square braces works ok

int bhtest(int i)
    return i + 1;

It would be nice to have a format button for code, too, but not essential.

int bhtest(int i)
    return i + 1;

is the result of the Ctrl-Shift-C/“preformatted text” button, if that is helpful.

Interesting - but not so easy on a tablet…

Hm. I don’t know what the page looks like on a tablet. Are the little formatting buttons not in a row above the input field, B, I, etc ? I only ask because the pre-formatted text button is the one that looks like </> I had to use it to say what it looked like… hehe.

int bhtest(int i) { return i + 1; }

Oh, I see. You can also use backticks ` at each end, that seems a much easier option.

Tablet has the </> button but no Shift or Ctrl key.

The </> button generates this :

Preformatted text

when used standalone, or


when used on selected text.

Unfortunately, text selection is well-nigh impossible for this forum on an Android tablet, because Android displays COPY CUT PASTE buttons over the selected text, obscuring the </> and other buttons. I’m doing this on a Windows laptop.

Spoiler below (click to read en claire):

Spoiler bbcode is so useful on a gaming forum…

So spoiler bbcode works fine, provided you announce in plain text that there is a spoiler below.

:hamburger: :hamburger::hamburger: Cheeseburgers! That’s what I’m talking about!

…and beer… :beer:


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This a superb module.