Darken Tileset

I am building a dungeon, however it is way too bright. I am using Kalister’s Crypt from Kamal’s tileset project. How do I darken the environment? I tried tinting the walls and floors, but then I loose all detail of the tiles any lights don’t light up the room.

Is the ‘Directional Light’ option properly set to False (area properties)? When the option is unchecked the environment should be darken enough.
My toolset being in French ‘Directional Light’ is an approximative translation. First option, Environment section.

Yes, Directional Light made it darker. Not dark enough for my taste, but maybe some tinting will assist. Thanks.

to get it pitch black it’s not enough to disable the directional light. you also have to get into the area properties > day/night cycle stages > default and change the diffuse color of the ground and sky light to black. afaik the directional light only affects the sun/moon light.
no need to tint the tile’s textures.


This did the trick, thanks all for the assistance.

what Semper said, the area lighting can be pitch black if you change all the colors to black.

Thanks, I was able to get the level of darkness I wanted.