DDS viewer?

Which viewer is recommended for NWN .dds files now?

None of the ones I’ve used in the past seem to be working now for some reason.
This lets you see dds files with windows explorer. It doesn’t work with Bioware DDS, but there probably isn’t any program apart from NWNExplorer which will display Bioware DDS.
Even though the link says “de-de” it is in English, not German.


XnView also displays non-Bioware .dds, but for NWN we need to see the Bioware format, of course.

I’ve tried associating the .dds filetype with NWN Explorer, but that doesn’t seem to work.

I can open .dds after launching NWN Explorer, or convert to other formats using NWCrunch, but that’s tedious.

Not sure why DDS Viewer doesn’t work anymore.

If you use XnView to look at dds created with crunch 64 bit, you’ll see that you can view the diffuse dds file now. That is because BD changed NwN so that it can use “normal” DDS files. As far as the rest of the maps go… I think it may be that XnView doesn’t recognise the format of them being either greyscale or just 2 colours.