Debate on Unofficial Modules

Three questions…

  1. What do you think are the most difficult modules created by other players that can be found in the Vault?

  2. Which are the longer customized modules?

  3. What were the funniest modules in your opinion?


Biased perhaps, but …

Due to the large amount of mechanic changes (and some gameplay aspects), I have been informed that my own NWN1 module, Soul Shaker, is “difficult” in places … or “hard” to play. It has around 35 hours gameplay - there is an in-game timer, so you can see for yourself.

It has many changes, but I have written material (including a walkthrough) to help players get to grips with the differences, and as long as the player goes in with an open mind, and is prepared to learn something about the module, then I hope it would become an enjoyable experience. I know I am biased, but I still enjoy dropping into it for relaxation now and then.

It was inspired by System Shock 2, one of my all time favourite games. So if you have ever player that game, then you will have an idea how the module will play, albeit in a D&D environment rather than sci-fi.

Furthermore, if you decide to give it a go, please note that it does not play on the EE, but requires something like the Diamond edition, and I advise using a Windows desktop computer.

If you decide to give it a try, I am also currently around to help give any support required.

Funniest … I cannot comment. :wink:

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Interesting, thanks!
I don’t have DE, only EE, but I’m sure anyone reading the post might find your suggestion useful.
In the end I made this topic just to share this information and make it available quickly for those who will come here through a browser search.
So thanks for the detailed sharing, someone will definitely need it.

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For the funniest module try Snickersnack! by nereng. Just my opinion, others may disagree.



Thanks for the sharing Tarot, it will be useful for those who read

The Swordflight series is generally considered to be challenging.

Various lists here will give an idea of the good ones - longer series include A Dance With Rogues, The Bastard of Kosigan, Prophet, Aielund Saga, my own Enigma Island and many others.


I would suspect that the Aielund Saga is the longest, at least in terms of character development. It is the only one I know that takes your character from lvl 1 to somewhere over 30.

Regarding funny modules, I think there aren’t that many of them, but I’m fully with TR on Snickersnack!, I don’t remember any details but I do seem to remember that it was amusing (and the name certainly helped to make it stick in my memory :D). Madness and Magic also had funny moments, IIRC. Two series that are known for being humorous are Penultima/Rerolled and Resurrection Gone Wrong(er).

Difficult modules, I don’t know. I don’t remember having any particular problems with any throughout, but then again, I mostly play on normal. And whenever something did prove really hard, I put it down to balancing issues. A lot of it comes down to what ways a module provides to deal with instant death abilities, fear effects etc. Or on the lower levels, anything can become hard if there is a shortage on consumables and equipment that would allow for different tactics, especially if combined with hard resting restrictions.

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Warning: Personal opinions ahead.

Aielund is an insanely detailed (credit to Savant here) - and long - module but I found the combat as it went on just as insanely hard and that was playing on one of the lower difficulty levels ( ahem . . won’t mention which one) :see_no_evil:

Funny? Not many that I’ve played. Not many outstanding characters either really. Maybe because if it’s just text conversations it’s hard to use some of the standard methods of producing humour? Tone, pauses, deflation, even reactions, gestures etc. ?

Difficult? Full disclosure here. Most, if not all of them. I’m truly and deeply awful at this.

Just finished Witcher 3 ( best game I’ve played by a country mile) and finished it only to discover that only about 14% of players on Steam had achieved that. Think of all those players just leaving games unfinished. My list of shame includes :
OC - I got so close !
HOTU - golems were my downfall here IIRC
Aielund - not sure how close but met my end with Ironlord in Fairloch castle when my sceptre of the Ages proved less than I hoped it might be… and rest proved impossible. It’s a sorry day when even a Rod of resurrection consoled in and God mode can’t get me through something.
Sanctum of the Archmage was progressing well, till it crashed and wasn’t.

However, the thing I am really bad at are puzzles. At my time of life, any time I have left is too short to wonder whether I pull the red or yellow lever first. And as for running up and down endless corridors at my age . . .

Now, having said all that, I’ve enjoyed large chunks of all these modules so finishing them isn’t essential. What The Witcher had, for me, in spades was hard choices. I was forever spending time thinking what should I do here and genuinely felt involved in the decisions. More of that sort of thing please.

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As the hardest Nwn mod i have ever played, i would vote for Balkoth “Siege of the heavens”. In my opinion, this is top epic level hard, but very well made and innovative.

In the funny mods department, “A peremptory summons” from the same creator has its moments.

Speaking of very long modules, as others noted, Aielund Saga. Just my 2 euro cents :wink:

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The hardest (combatwise) I can tell is Citadel. And it’s a very long mod.

The by far most funny mod is of course Snickersnack. But you may try “Find the fish” from the same autor as well.

@Olivier_Leroux You should give Snickersnack it another try, maybe it’s even a candidate for the “Childfriendly modules” list? Well the “child” should be a bit older, 10 or 12 maybe …

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Thanks a lot to everyone, I’m sure many people will find your opinions and experiences interesting :smiley:

Seeing as I read the comments on the project pages and @Nails commonly comments on the lack of/quality of gear in particular modules I thought it might be an idea to ask which module is the most Monty Haul one? You know, so much good gear you run out of your weight allowance rapidly?


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@Mmat Good call, I will look into it when I find the time.

@Tarot_Redhand Apart from the official Tyrants of the Moonsa, I remember The Bard’s Tale as a very Monty Haul module.

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Praise be Gaknulak!

The hardest module would be something made with total disregard to balance - i.e. 1st level PC against 10 CR10 critters with insta-death spells.

Penultima for the humorous. Hex coda by the same author was fine as well. See also point ‘O’ for all the humorous modules I remembered when I was making the list: Unusual Module List (UML) [NWN1] | The Neverwinter Vault

The longest campaigns - if you look through old modules they often have hours of playtime mentioned in the table. This list might be a good start: Campaigns and Module Series List [NWN1] | The Neverwinter Vault

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