Default Attributes On Character Sheet (What To Show?)

Hi All,

EDIT: I think I have found the info I was after in the racialsubtype.2da actually. However, if you have any info to add, please do.

Below is a screenshot of the character sheet I have designed to show default attributes (in brackets) next to the attribute three letter designation.

Currently, this version is showing the differences due to race (and nothing else), but I wish to take “default” attributes with theses into account already. So, I did some checking on the drow race and now know that because they are an elf, they get +2 DEX and -2 CON, and being a drow gives them the +2 INT and +2 CHA. (Hence the current differences showing and yet to be taken into account.)

My question is … Is there an easy source of where this racial differences is held? (In a table somewhere…2da?) It’s been a while since I did all the comparisons and the info would be more reliable if I could be directed to a source of the racial differences.

Secondly, are there any other “default” differences I should be aware of to take into account to get a final “default” figure which we are using to compare? e.g. Are there any classes that impact this? I don’t think there are, but I am a little out of touch on this side.

EDIT: The idea is to be left with default figures that are left to compare with the “temporary” attribute figures that may have been affected die to spells/environmental conditions etc.

Thanks in advance, Lance.

hey Lance,
looks like both RacialTypes.2da and RacialSubtypes.2da list attribute adjustments based on race. I suggest that those in RacialTypes are obsolete in Nwn2, and only those in RacialSubtypes are actually used.

but I guess you should make some test-changes in the 2das to see if that’s (really) true,

ps. can’t think of any other adjustments you’d want to account for in the base values …

pps. i see you’ve found RacialSubtypes, but will leave this up as is

Hi KevL,

Yes, that’s what I concluded too … the subrace part was probably the only one needed … especially when I checked the drow entry that appeared to reflect both the “elf” and the “drow” aspects in one row. i.e. I did not have to look up “elf” and “drow”, but only needed to refer to the drow 2da row that already took the “elf” part into account.

Thanks for double checking though. :slight_smile:

The code will be released in my next campaign update, which will contain both the XML and appropriate script. I’m guessing any interested parties will grab/edit what they need form that (if they want it).

P.S. I didn’t think it looked too busy in that display.

Cheers, Lance.

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looks okay there to me also. was thinking more of if you tried to display base attack/damage values for weaponry … though i imagine that would quickly become a massive timesink …

I think you are probably right about it being more involved. However, I did see a function GetBaseAttackBonus and even a GetTRUEBaseAttackBonus, but I am less confident about their return values in relation to what I was after too … and then there is working out where/how to put it on the CS with XML.

EDIT: I am also unlikely to do anything about the skills display now, as they are primarily affected by the attributes anyway, and so will be less likely to be required … It is also a lot harder to do at first glance of the XML code.

With new 2da cross referenced for subrace … :slight_smile:

BaseAttackBonus (BAB) isn’t so bad, weapon damage is though.

in the lower left of this screenshot, the XML uses


same. I recall having issues with both of them …

sweeet :slight_smile:

Hi KevL,

EDIT: I think I may have confused myself … Am I right in saying that BAB is the number of attacks?

That looks interesting … My concern was, however, that as a player increases in level don’t they receive more attacks that differ on the BAB?

It’s been a while since I looked at that side.

Cheers, Lance.

bab is almost what it says: Basic Attack Bonus

except it’s not a bonus, it’s the Basic Attack Value. Bonuses for str, weapon enhancement, etc etc get added on

The # of attacks is calculated directly from BAB. (it’s roughly 1 attack per 5 bab)

iirc, there are three attack tables (2das) that specify what a character’s bab is, referenced by level – low, medium, or high. The table used depends on a character’s Class. Eg, wizard=low, fighter=high

As a character increases in level, BAB goes up, #attacks goes up in a fairly steady progression, based on his/her Class-specified 2da: cls_atk_*.2da

* = 1…4 (i guess there are 4 attack tables, not three… but am not sure all 4 are used, at least 3 are)

ps. Extra attacks: each extra attack is delivered at a -5 hitprob (cumulative).

Hi KevL,

Hmm … Sounds a little involved for me at the moment … maybe something in the future when there is less demanding code to address. (DV) :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just made the code update the character sheet when changing PC with the character sheet open.

Cheers, Lance.

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hm, i don’t see the simple BAB or SpellResistance values on yer charactersheets … if you want, Lance, these look simple enough:

    <!-- Base Attack Bonus -->
    <UIText name="BASEATTACK_TEXT" x="14" y="612" width="170" height="20"
    fontfamily="Body_Font" style="1" align="left" valign="middle"
    OnUpdate='UIObject_OnUpdate_GetCharacterData("PARTY","BASE_ATTACK")' update="true" />

    <!-- Spell Resistance -->
    <UIText name="SPELLRESIST_TEXT" x="14" y="643" width="170" height="20"
    fontfamily="Body_Font" style="1" align="left" valign="middle"
    OnUpdate='UIObject_OnUpdate_GetCharacterData("PARTY","SPELL_RESIST")' update="true" />

Hi KevL,

I just checked and those values are already displayed in the Character Sheet … just under the off-hand info. Am I missing something, or are you suggesting that they may be better presented outside of the area they are currently situated?

Although … after taking a closer look at your screenshot, I notice that you have made some other alterations too - Character section? Armor? Is it a case of you having shifted the info around?

Can you show me an expanded “Character” shot? Is this just for personal taste … or is it now considered the preferred layout?

In fact, if the XML is available, is it something you are sharing … or is it WIP? (It may be something my own players would prefer … no point me doing more if it is already something I can incorporate in my own.)

PS: I’m not sure if this interest you, but I also included the extra Party Craft info tab. Screenshots available here: The XML and supporting scripts are already available from my mod.

Cheers, Lance.

Actually, here is a screen shot:-

nono, i just didn’t see them. Under the offhand info sounds fine.

i’m using a modified version of Charlie’s UI merged with Tony’s AI – nothing terr’bly special really.

here’s the XML if you want a closer look …


the stuff you’ve done with the gui is pretty amazing really. I remember it when debugging a door for ya a long time ago … it’s something a person (me) 'd have to take the time to immerse themselves in

A good addition. I remember I stole it for myself a long time ago :smiley:

Hi KevL,

Thanks for the link. I think I do prefer the extra size (in your GUI) and the way skills and feats are smaller and fit in better, so I may adjust some of my own XML code to accommodate some of those changes myself. The XML file itself is almost twice the size, which surprised me, which I guess is probably more to do with the AI changes. (I don’t tend to use those parts that much once set.)

The PARTY CRAFT tab was something I felt was needed because it was never easy (for me at least) to have a quick reference as to what I actually had in components etal to do any crafting. In fact, I did a lot of stuff to make crafting a lot easier to do in my campaign because I felt it was underused due to the ease of use. To that end, I also made one off books that held all the recipes for older crafting systems and immediate chat window feedback for recipe containers. So now, the crafting info and requirements are at hand to be able to plan your crafting needs.

The only thing a builder may need to do is (perhaps) alter some of the code that determines who the GUI returns info for, as I use some home brew functions for my campaign that differentiate MP games and player’s groups of PCs.

That’s great! It’s good to know others can make use of it too. :smile:

Are your GUIs available for download? As I think I could use the style you used myself. It would save me the time. (Or maybe it’s part of the Charlie UI, which I will check out anyway if I can locate it.)

Cheers, Lance.

EDIT: Actually, having looked at other designs, I have been giving this some more thought, and am now seriously considering amalgamating both the inventory and character info into one “Character Sheet” if possible. My idea (as it stands and without considering if there are any other major difficulties or not) would be to add another TAB to the Character Info XML, which would then switch an entire page to what we currently have on the inventory. My concern is, however, is how much hard coding “relies” on an existing inventory GUI. Any thoughts anyone? Although, even that “could” be worked around if need be, by simply calling the other GUI when clicking the TAB and have a pseudo layout on the inventory that would switch back to the character one when used.

EDIT 2: I have found and am checking Charlie UI as it does have elements that I like. Therefore, I may try to use some of her GUI aspects and include those parts I like in my own designs.

i tend to have a dedicated enchanter and a dedicated crafter (if they’re different), plus i enjoy a bit of crafting tetris … so i don’t think the PartyCraft tab would add to my style of play. That said, I would like an overview …

As a device, though, I think i’d prefer it in a separate scene, accessible by a hotbutton, perhaps on the toolbar … like

Open Journal
Open Spellbook
Open Crafting Overview

I’ve also made changes globally w/ fontfamily.xml and stylesheet.xml … I like things a bit smaller but mind that many people don’t.



if you want to amalgamate stuff that’s really yer call. Personally i like the stock gui and try not to deviate too drastically from it. But if you use the same calls that the stock Inventory uses, things should be okay i guess …

… her – yeah, am pretty sure Charlie is a her :blush:

Hi KevL,

I did hesitate when I wrote that … and now I have corrected it. My bad! :blush:

Thanks for the feedback. I am still mulling over the idea and also getting some feedback from my wife. There are elements of all that I like. I may try to keep it relatively simple then … maybe just add the smaller icons/font … I’ll have a play around and more of a think.

Cheers, Lance.

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Hi All,

I managed to combine the aspects I liked about the other UIs with my own character info GUI, but have not taken the “full” character sheet anywhere just yet.

Updates include a slightly larger screen, updated Info page, smaller icons for skills and feats …

Cheers, Lance.

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those look better already, nicely balanced

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The code will be available in the next update, which should be in a few days at most.

I also just updated the “default” attribute figures to go red or green if they have a penalty or bonus added. e.g. One of my player’s PCs has a ring that gives +3 INT, so now the default attribute shows up in green to highlight the bonus. (It does not highlight on the official attribute score - and I am not messing with that one.)

Cheers, Lance.

so… do epic feats like GreatIntelligence count toward the base value or are they bonuses?

id say they are base. That is, the differences could/should only reflect spellbuffs and itembonuses …
PS. i Just had an idea about those base vs. modified attribute scores …

instead of printing the base in parentheses, instead of printing the base at all, print the total like the stock gui does and use the 2nd col for the base-adjustment.

    Str 14 +2 +2
    Dex 10    +0
    Con 11 -1 +0
    Int 16    +3
    Wis  9 +1 -1
    Cha 10    +0

albeit, it’s confusing if you don’t know what the middle col is doing … but when attributes look like this

    Str 10    +0
    Dex 14    +2
    Con 12    +1
    Int 21 +3 +5
    Wis  8    -1
    Cha 10    +0

that +3 jumps out so the player should think at a glance “Good, I’m wearing the Circlet of Intelligence (and not the Cap of Diplomacy)” or other

anyway, just an alternate