Default body appearance in NWN2

Hi everyone! I just wanted to know wich is the best mod that provides override files that change the default body appearance of the characters. I’m thinking, for example, in the case that you pick up an invisible blade or are in a situation that you lose your armour… I mean: the white shirt is OK, but I wouldn’t mind to see some skin or some kind of underwear instead of it. What do you think?

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Look for Chimneyfish’s Dresses and lingerie. Aleanne’s clothing packs has some items, also Sexy OC has a few. These are worn items not default items. You can equip them like armor. The only Default bodies I’ve seen are nudes. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there I have not seen them. Most are more modern clothing Items anyway. I also think Krighaur had one or two in some of the earliest clothing that were done. I may be wrong. Krighaur’s clothes are under the heading of Some Clothes.

Thanks! That would do if I know the ID item code; then I could take one an equip it. Does your list follow your prefered ones first?

Sorry I will give you that shortly.

Thank you very much for your quick answer, Greenman!

The old vault ID for sexy addon is 123. Chimneyfish’s Dresses and Lingerie is ID 224. Aleanne’s Female Clothing Packs is ID 29. Krighaur’s Some Clothes is ID 515. If you need any thing else pm me.:grinning:

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Sorry for the delay I could not remember the code for Krighaur’s Some Clothes so had to look it up.

Thanks again, Greenman! Actually, I was talking about taking a look to mods you mentioned and try to know the Items ID in order to get the better robes. I’ll try with Chimneyfish’s; I think it’s quite near to what I was lloking for!
P.S.: Delay? You must be joking!!!

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Krighaur’s Some Clothes are mostly dresses also.

On my way…

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I like the idea of a naked monk running around and kicking the crap out of everyone all across the realms.

With Sexy OC you can as a female, but as a male you have to equip like clothing I think. There are a number of module that it works with. Let me clarify that a PC has to equip the nude I believe.

I thought I had every clothing and weapon appearance mode this game had downloaded but I don’t think I have ever seen Krighaur’s is there another name its under? Don’t see it on Vault or Nexus.

It’s listed as Some clothes. Just type ID 515 in the search and it will popup. Good luck Quixal.:grinning:

Not sure about wich one of the “naked” mods is the best and/or more versatile (more races covered, best-looking) Nluekobolds? Zylch?
I see that the “union” of the head and the neck sometimes is a problem, and I’m not sure about the color of some skins can mach the one of the head…
That’s why I thought that the “equiped robe” solution was better.

Try Necrolords he improved upon Zylch and bluekolds.

Obsidion did all the bodies in a stark white color it was real noticeable on Kana and Brelaina in the OC . Use Chimneyfish’s Always Summer Kana and Brelaina fix. It is not perfect, but it is a lot closer to the skin and face colors.

The equipped robe is better but there isn’t one for everybody type.

AS Kana and Brelaina fix is under ID 138. Necrollord’s Full Nudes ID is 257.

Working on an overhaul for NWN2 that uses Witcher 3 Nude bodies instead of default ones. And also moves all races to the same body type.

You should get on discord!!

One type for all races! That would be great. Any preview avaliable in the forum or the vault?

There is the Humanified Dwarves and Gnomes out now.:star_struck: Oh I forgot about the Half- Orcs to. The link to the Dwarves is under the Gnomes download. Here are the Dwarves and Gnomes. You can still find the link to the Half-Orcs on the front page of the Vault near the bottom of the page George. I hope this helps.

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