Default body appearance in NWN2

Oh yeah if your using NWN7 or Black Hole you can’t read the description on the Dwarves.

I’ll check that out. What’s Black and NWN7? And what’s Discord?

Discord is like a… IRC room … except you can have multiple channels.
I Recently started a NWN2 Custom Content group to get all creators in the same room talking together.

It’s spiraled out of control at this point… The people hanging out in this discord haven’t been in the NWN2 community for years.

I highly recommend it.

I didn’t know a word about it.
And you have more mods? I will Google it right now!

Great… When you get it downloaded… Join the Neverwinter Vault discord and message me :slight_smile:

Vault themes you can apply to the website.

Trinital nwn2 Discord asked me for a four digit tag to friend you. I need the tag.

@Greenman6220 It isn’t necessary to add someone as a friend in order to send him a message. You’ve already joined the general NeverwinterVault discord server, open it and navigate to the NWN2 channel there. Trintal left the message there recently, find it, right-click Trinital’s profile picture next to it and choose “send message”.

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Thanks Aqvilinus will do that.

OK, guys… Obviously everybody here knows more than me! Can you tell me, from the beggining and if you’d do with a stupid that doesn’t know what Internet is, which page do I have to enter in order to download (I think) Discord? I googled it and I’m overwhelmed: I can’t find the one that Trinital is talking about.
By the way: why all the people that is using discord doesn’t use the Vault or this forum? The idea of having to follow another site doesn’t seem the most atractive one to me.

Hang on George I will give you a link in one.

Ok George go to the topic Creating a Custom Content NWN2 Discord there is a link that Kamal put up. That will take you to NWN2 Discord.:thinking:

Cheez I hate my memory anymore 28 minute to find that link.:rofl:

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Thanks, Greenman! I’ll take a look. But what would you answer to my questions regarding Discord? Why creating another source of NWN2 content or a new chat haveing the Vault and this forum?
PS: I don’t like changes :slight_smile:

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OK. Now I need to join a server entering a “password” invitation. I’ve seen the Aquilinus message below saying to Greenman that he has already joined the NeverwinterVault discord server… It’s not my case, I think.

Ok George I understand where your coming from I not a big fan of social networking sites. I trying to break out of my comfort zone. On the 12 comment down on Creating a Custom Content Trinital has a link that can get you started on Discord I think. I wasn’t sure either when Aqvilinus messaged me. It is a little confusing getting on NWN2 Discord. If nothing else Google Discord sign up and then use the link that Kamal put up. That should do it. It took me from June 22 to very early this morning to finally figure out how to get to the NWN2 discord. It can happen. Good Luck George!

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Mmm… thanks, Greenman.

  1. Download Discord

  2. Go Here:

  3. Message me :slight_smile:

Thanks! Next week!

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