Default Icons

Is there a single image of all the default in game icons?

something like this:

I googled such a thing but all the results seem to just be new custom images, not the default ones.

I found this finally. I used the word Vanilla in my google search to find it, lol

Vanilla Icons

It loads and searches faster than trying to load through the Icon dropdown in properties.

The power bar plugin does icons.

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I don’t mean icons for menu options, e.g. Paint Objects. I mean the in game item icons that are what you see in a store, or items stacked in inventory.
If you mean some add-on that lets me see all icon art in an easier way than dropping down the PAINFULLY slow combo box of the Icon property, please tell me more!

try an image browser


Thank you, I saw ThumbsPlus, and looks good, but I didn’t want to pay for it, lol.
I have some great software that came with my camera, but it doesn’t know what a .tga is…

Try XnView. Comes with a lot of built-in tools including an image-file-browser. It is totally free.



Oh, perfect. Already got it installed and working in a few minutes. Thank you!

sweet. my ThumbsPlus is ancient (20+ yrs) but i still use it …

i also use XnView MP Windows (mp for multiplatform, its a bit different than the non-mp edition)

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I tried hard to get GIMP to do it, but she refuses, lol
Even with an add-on (BIMP) I could not get it to show a folder’s worth of previews on one screen!

other possibilities are AcDsee (or whatever it is) and PaintShopPro (i think they both have image browsers …)

what I like about Thumbs+ is that it maintains its own database (ie. its very fast)

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oooh man, you’re bringing back Windows 95 memories, lol

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That is what I meant, the powerbar plugin enables you to select icons to use/ view by what they are eg. necklace, potion etc. So it reduces scrolling. You can select one of your blueprints in the same menu and swap the icon that you select and can see onto it, so it will work across all blueprints of that type.

The icons are on the browse tab of the powerbar plugin.

It doesn’t have a big picture of all the icons but because you can quickly whittle it down to type it’s a lot faster to use.

It also does load screens and music

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@Tsongo - I’ve actually never used that feature. Really good to know about. I’ve always been annoyed by the painfully slow scrolling when choosing icons for items. Now I know I can use this.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see the where you mean, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve never even noticed that before, lol. I use the Script and 2DA drop downs all the time, and just never bothered playing with the other stuff! Thanks for pointing it out.

I have powerbar, and I’ve had it so long that I cannot tell or remember what a normal default NWN2 toolkit would look like.

If I drop down the Icons menu in any Item, I get a search text box where I can filter by tag of icon, and then every icon in the game is listed below alphabetically.

Sounds like you’re talking about something different though?

THughes281… Forget the drop down in the item properties, it’s a lot of scrolling and hassle. If you make an item blueprint and give it a tag/ resref etc. then go to the short powerbar toolbar and click browse then icons you’ll see what I mean.

It will show you a window in two parts, one is for icons that you can select by type which is easier than the one in the item’s properties and the other is for blueprints.

If you click your new blueprint it will show it’s icon, now go to the icons area and find one suitable as a change, then hit copy to blueprint and it’s done.

This means you can make a whole heap of blueprints and then spend an easy few minutes doing them all at once.

I only really used the power bar for this, music and load screens, same sort of thing, forget the properties just swap them in when you can see/ hear the changes easily and do them all at once. The area statistics are quite interesting to check you don’t get carried away with placeables etc.