Definitive Plane of Shadow Tileset

Does anyone have any opinions about the best tileset(s) to create the Plane of Shadow? I’m not liking anything I’m seeing in Bioware’s batch nor the CEP optional tilesets. All opinions welcome.


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Thanks for the quick reply, FP. Glad to see you are still alive and kicking!

I did see those, but I was put off by the “NWN - 1.29 or lower” in the Expansion requirement. I was hoping someone might have made something since 2004.

Will those be compatible with EE using CEP 2.65?

My guess is that they will probably work with EE and CEP 2.65, since both aim for backward compatibility.

In a few exceptional cases, custom tilesets have been known to crash EE, but the community has provided fixes.

Ensure the CEP haks are on top of the custom tileset haks.

If no one knows better from experience, I’d give it a try. Maybe best to make some throw-away trial areas which contain all the tiles, just to make sure that every tile loads in game without tears before you commit to building.

The worst case with those is going to be the doors if anything, and that’s (hopefully) just a relatively simple Doortypes.2da fix

Thanks for the replies. Would this require a modification to the tlk file per chance?

I’m guessing with EE making a shader to run any tileset in grey scale would be easy… I’m not a coder tho…Jump on discord and ask the shader guys…

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If you are talking exterior tilesets there is (in my opinion) a better tileset. It was created by senemenelas and is based on the Summer Only redux of Worm’s SF created by Friedeyes. It is from 2009 and therefore should be 1.69 (and therefore should be EE) compatible. It is to be found on the “Sen’s Seasonal Workshop” project page. For me it is the last file in the download section.

Hope that helps.


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Oh yes, you are right, that is better. At least for exterior. Thanks, Tarot.