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Now we all know the game has deleted content, but what I wanna know is how everybody seemed to be able to view it so easily by themselves. And before anyone tells me something about the toolset, know (goddangit zerth girl) that I’ve virtually no idea how to utilize the toolset. I’ve tried working with it and I only managed to look at some conversations through “Open Conversation/Script” under File. And I say some conversations, because I can see not all the conversations in the game are under it.

And before anyone says it, I’m not willing to read the toolset guide when all I want is to view the deleted content and nothing more. It’s far too long and complicated for me to find relevant information. I just want simple straightforward instructions.

If you want to actually understand what your viewing, then you’re going to HAVE to read the guide, because it’s a long, complicated process. This isn’t something that can be explained in single forum post; if you’re not willing to put in the leg work required to use the toolset properly, then there’s very little we can do to help you.


Conversations may be in the campaign folder or in a specific game module. If they are in a module then you have to open that module first in order to see them. If you are trying to use the toolset to view original campaign content then you should be aware that if you accidentally mess up the original modules in some way you will likely have to reinstall. It is best to do some research or play around in the toolset with a smaller simpler campaign that you do not play. The Silverwand Sample Campaign was created for this purpose.

Good luck.

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I can understand I’m viewing a building that never made it to the final cut. I can understand that I’m looking at an alternate model of a character. I can understand I’m reading/listening to a conversation that never happened. I very much doubt that I need to read instructions on how to make a game to just see the content the game I’m playing never put in.

I don’t see how this is relevant to what I asked.

I think you are the same user over on GOG who started asking the same question on Nov 24 2018, then didn’t like it when the forum members gave the same answers.


well… the stuff you’ve been reading about deleted content didn’t appear out of nowhere. It wasn’t “easy” to get. It was found by people who were familiar with the visible content of the game and who then scrounged through the campaigns in the toolset, and perhaps by chance or perhaps systematically they noticed something unfamiliar. So they wrote it up and posted it on a website …

as you’re probably aware, There is no document “Deleted Content (official)” – there aren’t even any notes in the conversation and script files (etc etc) that say “this has been deleted from release”.

Deleted Content is really just a hodgepodge of stuff that was left behind during development: detritus, backwash, landfill

There is no easy way to get at it; it is by its nature chaotic.


I didn’t expect it to be that neatly documented. I though they’d gone into, say, the module for the Docks and found the model for the Hollows all by itself unused or something, or some leftover files that are named and clearly meant to be used but never so.

But if what you say is true, then… UGH.

Time for me to just die reading that dumb guide…

tbh i never read the guide … I suggest, rather, downloading Kaldor’s Silverwand Sample Campaign and open it in the toolset and start poking around

once you’re okay with that, (a) turn off autosave under Options in the toolset and (b) for safety mark all the official .MOD files as Readonly on your hardrive

and keep yer eyes open cause there’s likely gonna be a few curveballs comin at ya, here and there

The problem is that I’ve no idea how to use the toolset like that. I’d already tried opening up the campaigns themselves but I couldn’t find them; it only recognized modules.

The campaigns merely link the modules together. The .MOD files are what the toolset opens. (IE File>Open>choose the file you want to explore). If you are not sure exactly which modules are used for a campaign, open the toolset and use the campaign editor to find out which ones.

It is a little more than just linkage. The campaign also provides a location for content accessible from all modules in the campaign such as common scripts, conversations, and journal entries. When you open a module in the toolset you gain access to the module resources and also the campaign resources.

I agree. I was just trying to keep it simple so he could start playing with the Toolset.

Obsidian sure was super gracious in giving us the toolset but not the instructions for it…

Well here’s to it being easier than anticipated.

Yes I realize that’s like asking Zaxis to stop using the third-person.


There should be a NWN2 Obsidian written Toolset html guide in your NWN2 documents folder. I wouldn’t expect too much from it though. The tutorials that are community written - and there are several - are likely more helpful though longer reads.

Welcome and well met.

Couldn’t find one, but regardless, I managed earlier today to open up the Uninvited Guests module, and I see the area… but I can’t move the view; I can only zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

  • To move the camera, hold simultaneosly Ctrl + Left Mouse Button.
  • To rotate the camera, hold simultaneosly Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button.
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… Already I wanna die.