Hi all! I have some questions that aren’t clearly answered at the Wiki:

  1. If i don’t have enough skill points to max both Spot and Listen, wich is more preferable, if there is one?
    I know that spot counters Feint and Move Silentlly is harder to buff than Hide…
  2. Are detection skills any useful vs Invisiblity/Etherealness?
    3)What is the role of Search concerning defense against sneakers?
  3. On detection vs stealth: Does each skill roll separately against its counterpart or is it about averages?
  4. Does Survival somehow check against hidden opponents on the mini-map?
  5. Is there a spell counter to Etherealness apart from dispelling it?
  6. Does Invis Purge/True Seeing/Blindsight work against concealment?

1- They’re both used in detecting invisible enemies, but only Spot is ever used in conversational options. It’s only used once or twice, but that’s still way more than Listen has. Apart from that, it all depends on the classes the character has and whether or not any of them support the skill.

2.1- Etherealness means you’re completely undetectable. Invisibility is still detectable. That should answer your question.

2.2- None. It works only on traps. Also some conversational options, but mostly traps.

3- Not sure what you mean, but Imma say probably separately.

4- Probably only if your other skills are sufficient, but that’s just my uneducated guess. I don’t remember how my PC fared in detecting the enemies in Fihelis’ mansion. Try it out yourself.

5- True Seeing renders it moot.

6- Depends on the kind of concealment, since invisibility is a type of concealment. Each type is determined by a percentage of concealment.

For the record, literally everything I gave you is from the Wiki, with a little bit of basic logic from my end.

Thans for taking the time to answer. Too bad logic doesn’t seen to have an important place in a computerized RPG, no matter how well rules are implemented! (Brb giving us Paladins without incorporating their strongest class feature, mounts)

My bad for not clarifying something: The questions above are concerning combat scenarios, not convo checks in the OC. Onward!

  1. Remains a mystery

  2. Still not sure that magical invisiblity allows for spot/listen checks…source?
    2.2) So hitting search mode when surrounded by thieves is useless? After re-checking the wiki, i found this on Active Search:
    “This feat automatically puts a character in Search mode without the normal movement penalty.
    Spot and Listen checks are normally made once per round by all races, but this feat essentially grants Elves the ability to be in full search/detect mode at all times. Specifically, it appears Player Characters in this state will perform spot and listen checks for stealth 6 times per round (as of v1.22) and with a greater chance of success (d20 vs d10).
    While other races may enter full search/detect mode to obtain the above benefits, only Elves may skip the movement penalty.
    This feat does not grant multiple checks against feint or sleight of hand.
    There is some debate about many aspects of this feat. In particular:
    The increased check frequency
    Its range of detection (normal vs. 5 feet)
    What it detects (secret doors & traps only vs. everything - including opponents in stealth mode)
    However, until the NWN2 community sees evidence otherwise, this feat (from the game code) should probably be considered valid as presented.”

  3. Sorry if i wasn’t clear enough: Is it Spot vs Hide and Listen vs MS or average detection score vs average stealth score? Remains a mystery.

  4. The wiki;s page is a mess Says that there’s a Survival vs stealth check but i have yet to find enemies that don’t show at the mini map - even high level hidden rogues - even with a sub 20 Survival score…

  5. Hmm True Seeing allows you to “see” Ethereal enemies but you still can’t target them…Better than nothing i suppose but it still is a bad counter in NWN2, unlike in PnP.

  6. There are no different kinds of concealment as far s i know, only different percentages wich represent miss chance. Apparently, invisibility purge removes concealment from invis/greater invis but what about other sources of concealment without built in invisibility like Displacement or Shadowdancer’s shadow evade? Remains a mystery, gotta test it somehow.