Developing a Module Project With 2,2v in the Custom tlk in Module Properties However

I downloaded 2.6 CEP and am now tempted to use it. Will this drastically change placeables, scripts, I don’t want to create unnecessary conflicts. Can I just insert 2.6 and carry on developing? Is this something (CEP 2.6), players would prefer? Is there a distinct variety in content developing modules in 2.6 (Cep)? Curious as to what developers and players think. Thanks all!

You can safely add CEP 2.6 to your module. It doesn’t normally change anything you’ve already done. It simply gives you an enormous choice of additional appearances for creatures, placeables, items and so on. They only appear when you choose them.

Most players of custom modules already have CEP, so it’s no extra work for them.

Minor caveat - if you already added a different hak to your module, there might be a conflict. Tileset haks are rarely a problem - creature / placeable / item haks can be. Usually, that can be resolved easily - just ask here if you find any issues.

Thanks Pro for your reply. Sorry so late with mine. Appreciated as always!