Diablo 2020 hak

Hey guys…nwn ee got me all fired up! Found my old deluxe disk from sold out (a company) when i put it in I found the game already installed! A hundred modules! One of them is diablo 2020. I have tried to play but I am missing 2 haks. I have downloaded and unzipped every new d20 thing I could find but the new stuff is mdrn2 or 3 or 4. My log says I am missing mdrn_sounds.hak and mdrn_items.hak no numbers. Can I find these anywhere or are they lost forever in the old vault? Is there a work around like rename something? Any advice for a longtime fan would be awesome. Thanks

Did you try this page?

It’s the version of D20 Modern specified for Diablo 2020 on the Vault.

You’ll also need CEP 2.

Pretty sure thats all the mdrn 2 & 3, 4 etc. I just got. I’ll redo the cep just in case theres something in there and try to install 2020 again too. I still dont know what I have yet! Probably closer to 2 or 3 hundred modules! Gonna get the new enhanced edition, its on sale right now!!! Will it overwrite my deluxe/ platinum game? Its different right? Thanks for looking at my post…I recognize your name from the old days😊!

Have you tried using NIT (Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool) to sort this out? It should grab anything that you are missing and there is a link on the project page to a YouTube video on getting you started with it.


EE doesn’t overwrite. I have both EE and Diamond installed on my desktop, no problem. For example, if you’re on Windows, by default, the old edition is in c:\NeverwinterNights\NWN, whereas EE installs in C:\Users[user]\Beamdog Library\00785 and puts saves etc in C:\Users[user]\Documents\Neverwinter Nights.

It’s very important with EE to put mods in the Documents location, not the Beamdog Library location.

In your case, you might want to share the mods you already have, rather than make copies. This is done by changing the paths in nwn.ini (in Documents) to the corresponding location in the old nwn folder.

Saves made in EE can’t be opened in the old edition.

Movies made for the old edition need to be reformatted for EE or you can ignore them by not putting them in the EE movies folder.

Otherwise, old modules generally work in EE. Occasionally, there are local issues, usually to do with pathfinding, doors or transitions in one spot. You’ll often find workarounds on the Vault, or else ask here.

NIT will do the conversion automatically for you when you use it to install a module.


Sure, but in this case there’s a large base of pre-installed modules, which presumably don’t need re-installing.

Wow guys lotsa good ideas. Havent installed ee yet. Got mine from gog for 3.99. So…I’ll probably do it offline. I also heve 95%+ of the modules still in zip or rar in a separate file so i should be able to make a separate file for ee maybe on my D drive. I had forgotten how much I liked this game and the vault. I spent 70% of my time digging and installing and fiddling in character makers and the boutique du temps etc. I noticed gog gives you a new diamond edition…another install? Do I even need it, or is that part of the ee installation?

Gonna look into the installer too. Thanks!!!

Unless the author already fixed the issue, make sure you are not using NIT with the setup Proleric mentioned. It won’t work.

You don’t need it, since you already have Platinum edition. EE doesn’t require an earlier edition.

Once you have EE, there are a few potential reasons for retaining a 1.69 edition:

  • You can play modules made for 1.69 and earlier with more confidence that they will be bug-free
  • If you decide to play those modules in EE instead, and hit a bug, it’s possible to tweak the save so that you can work around it in 1.69 (not safe for modules made for EE)

P.S. I believe Gog installs EE to a different location than the one I mentioned above, but the default location for saves / mods is the same.