Diagnosing a toolset build crash?

Hi there,
Currently driven up the wall with a toolset crash I can’t figure out. Is there a place to find logs or similar as to why its crashing? I took a search around bit didn’t find anything.

In case it helps, its pretty consistently here (ignore the unchecked encounter stuff, I was iterating through combinations to see if I could figure something out:

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The log folder in the folder where your user-made stuff lives. Just check the plain text log files that are not zero bytes in size.

Suggestion first uncheck the compile checkbox. If that is OK, I would suggest trying with just the scripts checked along with compile and go from there.


Not finding anything in there that seems to be related to this crash, I’m afraid :frowning:

The scripts seem to be the one thing that does compile. The other options seem to cause crashes. Which is vexing, other than that ezran shield (which I already tried throwing out to see if that’d make it work), I have not changed creatures of items in several module revisions, all of which built alright…

I’ll see if maybe something in the pallete is having issues.

Okay, basically liveblogging this I guess, feel free to tell me to knock it off if it’s considered spammy, but it may be helpful for people dealing with this situation in the future.

I have narrowed down the cause to the Item Blueprints for Fashion Accessories in the CEP. Opening any of them causes a toolset crash, and removing them has stopped the compile errors. The same is also true of the holdable flowers in the Other category, which explains the above screenshot.

Why this happened out of the blue, I do not know. Further investigation required…

Module corruption maybe? But I’m losing a lot of work if I revert to the previous version :frowning:

Check the appearances for the suspect blueprints. That way you can see if there are any model problems (such as missing ones) with any of them.


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When examining the affected items, attempting to bring up a properties dialog crashes the toolset, which is why I suspect some kind of module corruption. I cannot view the properties as a result - if I advance past the access violation, I get the dialog window, but it is entirely blank.

However, I can still remove them by right clicking on the items exhibiting this error and removing them from that menu, and finding and removing all of the effected items allowed me to build the module.

Restoring to a version I gave one of my builders a couple days ago, the same items, (with the same haks, etc, loaded), are viewable, and do not cause any crashes. This only makes me think something weird happened with the module all the more, though what caused this I am still trying to figure out.

Have you added/moved any haks? That crash sounds like what it does when it has a 2da index (e.g. appearances as Tarot said) that point to a non-existent row. Adding a hak with an older/non-cep appearnces.2da above the cep top hak for example would cause this sort of thing.

That’s probably the cause. I’ve had similar problems when a hak or model is missing. The behaviour is not always consistent - sometimes you get access violations in the toolset, other times it doesn’t crash until you load the game.

For what’s it’s worth, I verified that the CEP 2.x templates work out of the box.

And they had reliably up to this point, too.

That’s the thing too - and what makes me think it was an incidence of data corruption - I can merge the recent changes back and it works fine.

[edit:] One thing that comes to mind: can the toolset struggle with too many haks? I am certainly starting to accumulate a lot of loose/small ones.

Yes*. There is/was a hard limit of like 52 or something where it would silently just not load any more haks after that. Used to be both the game and the toolset. But that would be unlikely to drop your cep top hak since that should be at or near the top of the list.

*I think this limit was fixed in EE at least as far as the game itself. Maybe not in toolset?

Might be a good idea for me to gather up all the smol ones, it can’t hurt at least and it can avoid the potential jankiness there.

Looked through the list of patches on the wiki but the only mention was that haks could be up to 2gb in size (if I read it correctly) but no mention of the number of haks. I could swear that had been increased to something like 100 but don’t quote me.


Looking into merging these a bit more I do find a couple of repeated 2das, but its weird to me it worked fine until just now, including on the live PW server. Hopefully merging the 2das will prevent future problems.

I should have added that sometimes it doesn’t cause any errors at all - the objects simply fail to appear. Then some trivial change sparks the symptoms above. Go figure.