Dialog Issue

I use NWN:EE

I downloaded a really nice GUI system. One problem with it I want to fix (remove) is the dialog box. At first it seemed nice to have the dialog box big …in some instances it looks good but as in the picture below…there is overlap. I do not know what part of the download has this part. I want to remove it from my haks and go back to the original. What is the part I need to remove from my hak?

This usually happens with UI scale other than 1.0 and large dialogs. Other than switching to UI scale 1.0 there’s nothing you can do.

Yes changing the setting to 1 fixed it, but it is so small. I never had this issue before until I downloaded the GUI from the vault (I for the life of me can’t recall the dam name - as it was a while ago and now I just noticed this). What this GUI did was extend the dialog box length-wise. If I can set it back to the original dialog box - I would be happy, but I don’t know the name of the part to look for in my haks. :frowning:

I think the files that control the dialog box are
If there are more, I’m not sure what they are, but deleting those usually restore the dialogue to default.

Thanks bud :slight_smile:

I noticed there were other files too. Not sure if these need to be pulled too:


all TGAs

gui_boxes_chrgen should be for the character creation screens, gui_boxes_chrsht is for the character sheet screen, not sure about gui_boxes_ingame but probably unrelated to the dialog screens.