Dialog.tlk --- HOW?

Could someone please tell me how to modify Dialog.tlk? What app do you use? And is there anything I should be aware of when I do so?

Don’t modify it - make a custom one. I’m sure if you google nwn2 tlk editor you’ll find the thing, but basically there’s a simple app that let’s you edit and create new tlk files. Once you create your custom tlk you put it in the “tlk” folder and then in the module you enter the files’ name in the “custom tlk” bar in the module properties.

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Even if you don’t modify the dialogue.tlk (which you shouldn’t) it is a good idea to look into it and see which lines are reserved etc. In any case, google tlk editor and you’re good to go.

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Would a custom tlk file in the tlk folder permit me to create a custom Basic class?

The tlk provides descriptions and stuff. It won’t add any functionality. I never created custom classes, so I don’t know. However, I can’t see why it wouldn’t. A tlk file in your tlk folder merges with the dialogue tlk in game. So for example if dialogue.tlk has lines 2000 - 2500 free, then you write something in these lines in your custom tlk and change the corresponding 2da lines, the two tlk files will merge and and your lines will be visible in game.

edit: If anyone with more knowledge on custom classes wants to disprove me, feel free to do so :slight_smile: . My thoughts are, that a custom tlk works for anything I’ve tried so I don’t see why it wouldn’t for classes.

Is this class for a specific module/campaign? or is it intended to ‘float’ like the Artisan?

There is always a “backup” in the installation folder, just make a copy and drop it My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/ folder, you can that modify that one to suit your needs.

You can use TLKedit2, but you will also need Java’s Runtime Environment for it to work.

If something goes wrong (not sure how, but maybe the file corrupts somehow), you can always delete the new dialog.tlk and that will revert the game to use the original one in the installation folder.

If you need to make a mod like Kaedrin’s PRC, custom tlks are not a good suggestion, as it would have to be slotted in each module it’s used in AND it would require further 2da modifications, something that the change to dialog.tlk does not.
Kaedrin’s PRC uses dialog.tlk for these reasons (just an example, but similar mods do the same).

Custom tlks are recommended when they are specific to a certain module/campaign instead.

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Like Artisan, I want to be able to use it with OC and MotB. In fact I want to modify the Dialog.tlk that you made for Artisan so I can add Animal Sib to it. Nobody seems interested in implementing Animal Sib so (in desperation) I thought I would give it a try. My simulation is working great so far, but I would like to be able to level up without having to use the character editor every single time to add feats (and have appropriate skill points, etc.).

Incidentally, I use Artisan constantly with the Nwn2 Makeover and it seems to work fine with Amie and Elanee.

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Thanks for the info.

you might want to re-read my docs about Artisan on the vault… esp. this

I backed up Dialog.Tlk (in the installation folder) long ago and have adulterated it freely ever since w/ TlkEdit2

re Artisan i guess I should remove the beta notes … done. It’s the same version 1.1, no changes.

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