Die Rolls: To Show, or Not to Show?

I’m currently working on a module, and a minor debate has come up with my alpha playtester: Is it more enjoyable for a player to see the rolls made in a conversation, or for them to be hidden? I’m curious as to which is the more popular view, so please let me know how you feel about it. Thanks!

I like to see the rolls - helps work out how to develop and equip character.

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Why even have them? You can just set a skill threshold where anything lower fails and meeting the requirement suceeds. At least for singleplayer you can be sure that noone will fail a conversation skill roll, ever.

To answer your question, I am sure it is more enjoyable for the player to see rolls.


I personally prefer visible skill uses in games. I like to make informed decisions, and know what does or doesn’t affect whether an action fails or succeeds. Hidden skill and stat use just frustrates me.

Long Live The Queen gave me a minor apoplexy, for instance, since I could never anticipate how much of which skill I’d need at which point in the story.

Those goddamned chocolates. :expressionless:

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I dislike not being able to see the dice rolls. Like The Barbarian said it makes it very difficult to plan ahead if I can’t tell were I’m coming from. So please put the rolls in. Thanks, good luck with your mod.:grinning:

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Thank you, all! Your input is most appreciated. I shall be showing the rolls, as well as indication on the conversation option that will trigger a roll.

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