Dino pics

Posting here as it is so easy to post pics.

Deinocheirus mirificus - Looks a bit like everyone’s favourite star wars character (not) Ja Ja Binks without the ears.


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I call upon my dark powers to collate a lot of dinosaur pictures

Brontosaurus is back! And angry.
Tyrannosaurus Rex and its leggy kids
Dakotarapttor, a recently discovered relative of the raptors in the same time and place as T-Rex
Utahrapttor, the bigger, bulkier famous raptor.
Yi Qi, a recently discovered and odd dinosaur
Microraptor, the four-winged glider
Size comparison of the 6 most famous Dromaeosaurs

And now, let’s move away from dinosaurs and onto Pterosaurs.

A giraffe, an Arambourgiania, and a Hatzegopteryx

I got more where this all came from

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