Disabling needs on offline PW

Hello, my husband and I play Legacy of Ilmara offline as LAN right now, but the rythm for the needs (drink, sleep) seems absurd, characters tired as soon as rested etc. Is there a way to disable or change that ?

Thanks for help !

Look in the OnModuleLoad script - systems you can enable/disable are usually in there. I also see that the module uses a config hak. Maybe in the hak?

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In addition to that (pluggable systems, etc) I’d also look into the module’s OnHeartbeat. That’s where the “apply X to PC at some interval” logic is often coded in.

If you find the above system too complex to disable altogether, you can also try to nerf it by writing simple override scripts to call via DebugMode or Player Tool. For example, there is a countdown to when PC gets tired - you call the script to skyrocket the associated variable to a value which won’t bother you.