Disarm/Improved Disarm - return dropped items to the owner

Yet another scripting question from me.

I’m looking for scripts/systems/base modules with changes to disarm and improved disarm, that work similar to ‘Disarm, Improved Disarm: Weapons are returned to the owner when anyone picks it up or upon death.’ from BoW or that would return disarmed weapons immediately to the owner’s equipment.

Anyone got something like that working and could share the source?

this is a code snippet from one of the modules i own (this one not using nwnx), it is in OnUnAcquire event

note that it has a nasty side effect of returning weapons dropped by player intentionally while in combat into inventory

if you use nwnx or nwncx then nwn©x_patch has softcoded script for disarm (and all other special attacks) so you could rewrite it there (70_s2_specattk) instead of using workarounds.