Discussion - Premium Modules

Premium Modules could, theoretically, be making a return to NWN in the future. What do we think about that, and what would we want to see in new Premium Modules if there were going to be any?

  • Yes, absolutely! I’d want to buy Premium Modules!
  • Sure. I’d buy some Premium Modules, if I find the concept interesting.
  • I’d be willing to buy Premium Modules, but I expect excellence if I’m supposed to fork over money.
  • I’m unlikely to buy Premium Modules.
  • I won’t be buying Premium Modules at all, but don’t mind if they’re made.
  • I won’t be buying Premium Modules and dislike the idea of any being made in the first place.

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And since this information is relevant for modulebuilders in general - what do we like about modules? What did we like about the modules we’ve played so far? Do we want singleplayer-only modules? Modules for small parties? Modules for raid groups? Do we want epic stories about gods and dragons, or stories that arent about gods and dragons? What do we think about hack’n slash, stealth, puzzles, or crafting?

For me it is going to depend on what they do with the main game. If they leave in a lot of the hardcoding that has been frustrating modders for years, I won’t be buying at all. If they fix the hardcoding and release some premium modules I would probably buy.

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As a builder, I’m only interested in playing modules that I can examine when I’m finished playing. For myself, the best module is one where I think “wow, how did hey do that?” while playing and then crack open the module and discover “so that’s how he did it! Cool! Now I’m going to include that!”.


Unlocking premium modules is coming Soon. With soon defined as <3 months: