Display of inventory icons in the editor is bugged - any idea why?

A friend of mine has a problem with how the inventory icon previews are displayed in the Appearance tab of Item Properties. The images are much bigger than they should be, so about 3/4 of them are cut off. The version is NWN EE, OS is Win 10, resolution 1600 * 900. I don’t have this issue on my PC (EE, Win 10, 1680 * 1050). Does anyone have an idea what might cause this and how to rectify it? Has anyone else ever seen the toolset behave this way?


This is normal. Not a bug, but a missing feature. Toolset cannot scale images down nor up.

You downloaded some upscaled UI override or something. If you dislike this side effect you need to uninstall it.

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I told my friend, and it turned out that was indeed the cause of the problem. Thanks a lot for your help!