Divine Ranks: has anyone tried to implement god-hood

I actually started my Deity System a long time before reading this- but it’s surprising how close I have made it to be consistent with the d20 rules.


Just wondering has anyone tried implementing these rules in their PW?
Eg- divine ascension
The abilities, divine realms etc

I guess with the advent of the inclusion of epic classes to neverwinter nights it must of not really occurred to many that attaining god-hood was really the proper way to assume epic class levels (ie 21-40). I only say though because i only viewed it as a means to an end online, that and I went and looked on the vault, I didnt find much at all about god hood, unless i missed something :grin:

By pnp rules the only way to attain Godhood is to defeat a God in his or her own Realm. By defeat I mean either kill them or make them submit. Such as Jergal the Original God of the Dead did in the Forgotten Realms. Or the way Mystra and Cyric reached Godhood, having Lord Ao given to them because of the death of Mystra, Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul. Kelemvor received Godhood by defeating Cyric. Or obtain it the way Azuth did but then that would have been by submission.

In 5e rules- there is also a spell called Apothyosis cocoon. Which can increase divine rank by 1

That maybe true but NWN1 uses 3.5 rules. My understanding of 5e is limited as I haven’t played using those rules. I quit when Wizards of the Coast came out with the joke of all jokes 4e. If your implementing 5e rules I miss understood your question sorry. Oh 4e is my opinion only folks.

As a server admin- you can make your own rules- limiting yourself to one rule set is exactly that- limiting.
I just thought it would be an interesting feature if players could become divine. Wondering if any other servers have attempted something similar.


It is NWN2 that uses 3.5 rules, while NWN uses 3.0 rules.

I stand corrected. Thank you