DLA Solace Preservation Project (continued)

Hello all!
Here, I’d like to continue with the posting regarding the ‘DLA Solace Preservation Project’. The beginning can be found here:

The following is from the first post:
Bannor started a blog here:

Project leader Bannor has been - and still is - very caught up in RL. In addition to this, he has serve PC-problems, which keeps him from doing any model work ATM.

Bannor gave me the OK to post some progress info once in a while HERE.

The first ones will be on “unriddling DLA’s Solace exteriors”. Since they started back in 2003 (!!!) and kind of ended in 2006, we found models in various stages and with different approaches regarding certain design decisions. We had (and still have) to figure out, in which direction they were heading. This feels a bit like DLA archaeology! :slight_smile: Very interesting it is, too!

In case you missed something:
http://harvestmoonconsortium.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=130 (link is external)

This is the place, where most screens and more detailed info will be posted.

The final release page will be here:

Edit July 2017:
Since I can’t access Bannor’s project page and plus the fact, that he’s still absent, I decided to open up a 2nd page regarding the DLA Preservation Project (to be able to do uploads):

Please stay tuned.


OK, it’s been a while since I posted something regarding this project. I just pretty much got caught up in RL. I managed to do little bits here and there, but it wasn’t anything worth to post.

Finally I’m picking up again and made some good proggress on two groups: ‘Mina’ and ‘Grocery’.

Details can be found here:


Some more progress; The ‘Brightblade’ and ‘Fireforge’ group!

Details can be found here:


‘Fireforge’ finally continued!

Details can be found here:

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As promised: Progress regarding the ‘Seeker’ group!

Details can be found here:


It’s great that you are working on this. Good month for resurrections as Zwerk is also working to release another tileset that was thought long lost…but that’s another story…
Keep em coming ! Also think it’s great that you still post over at harvestmoon… Kudos !

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I love the tree houses and connectors! Imagine, with this tileset we could finally create the Highmoon envisioned for BG3.

I’m really sorry for my slow reply - I just kept on forgetting to do it… And thanks for your encouragement! It’s a big project.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for 2020 to all!

And I found some time to work with the DLA-Tass group:


I worked on the “Large Tree Group”:


I was able to establish contact with DLAs Thrikreen and he found some stuff! Here is a sneak:


DLA-Characters: And here is ThriKreen’s Lord Soth:
(2nd post)

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Nice. Can you clarify version 2 ? Is the entire model model skinmesh with new animations or just the cloak ? Regardless it’s awesome !

Sorry. I was not too precise. For version 2 “only” the cloak and the kilt are skinmeshed. The rest are parts. The helmet has no danglemesh (version 1 has danglemesh on the helm and cloak).

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