DLA Solace Preservation Project (continued)

Yup! Cracker .

Down to earth! A ground group - The smithy:


Bridges / Diagonal Bridges in Solace:


I’m still at it! A new progress post on shadows, chimneys and a riddle:


Time passes too quickly… But before the year ends:

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While I appreciate all the work you’ve put into this there is one thing that looks to be not quite right to me. That is having the direction of the wooden boards of the house suddenly change to vertical above the porch. I would have thought that whoever built it would have all the boards in the same orientation.

Just my two pennorth.


in the old days of building a barn the boards were sometimes crossways in order to add stability. Typically it’d be the other way around with the horizontal boards high and the vertical boards low but it was done both ways. Making buildings without nails or with limited access to nails makes for a different process. Oddly an old family barn that I am responsible for the upkeep on looks a like like the building in question. Of course ask anybody about old building construction and you’ll get a different answer every time you ask!!
It’s just the sort of place you’d expect to be attacked by Zombies

Thanks for your input, people!

As written in the post: I searched for old huts and as @TimG said: I found all kind of variations and in the end took the posted image as reference.

what a beautiful place! It’s in fantastic condition for it’s age. That’s a really good pattern to select. I think I can see a werewolf in the background on the right. To arms!!

Yes, nice hut it is. I also think, that the combination of horizontal/vertical orientation look more intresting.

Anyways: Fond the time for another progress post on the DLA-Mill-Group:

Mill part 2:

Mill part 3:
Well, I got distracted again… In December I got caught up in my Witcher-Harpy-port and the “new” NWN1EE feature “LODs”, which, in the end, is flawed. But it took me some time to nail that down (see harpy vault release). In January I participated in the January CCC. February kept me busy with some other little side projects, but now I picked up again on the DLA-project. So here is a new Mill-progress post (= no. 3):


A new topic: Solace ext. ground texture and minimaps:

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Continued with the mill: