DM Client not showing up on NWN:EE

I finally got the NWN:EE. It is as of today only around $7.00 for a copy on GOG.

I got it up loaded and can now access the multiplayer via my CD code. But no DM Client…sigh…any help would be appreciated.


Create a shortcut to nwmain.exe. Edit the properties, and place the below in the “Target”, then click ok.

“C:\Users\USERNAME\Beamdog Library\00785\bin\win32\nwmain.exe” -dmc

Thanks Sknymick

Going to sound stupid here. Before it was easy to find the nwmain.exe in my NWN folder. But since my game is on GOG…it created a folder in my documents folder. I can’t find it in there.

SO can you give me the DM CLIENT for Dummies version?

Like where to find that now in my GOG version of the game …understand what I mean?

Also when you say username…that is the name I made up for multiplayer right?

Since NWNEE is using the more modern Windows model, you’ll have two folders. One is your My Documents, the other is whereever your GoG install is. It’s probably something like C:\Program Files(x86)\GoG or something. (Steam is the same way with this)

You can also do a search on your hard drive for nwmain.exe, and whatever directory that shows up in, the executables for the DM client and the toolset are in the same folder.

Thanks Fire_Wraith

I got as far as "C:\Program Files(x86)\GoG (folder)… could not find it in there.

I did the search on my C drive…it only came up with my two emails that had the “nwmain.exe” listed in it…so what the hell happen to it? Geez Louise…

I use to see it before…but now I don’t…what the hell? I have the toolset in there (on my C drive)…and I checked in the utils folder…but hell if I know what happened to it…

Why can’t Beamdog just create it on start up like it use to be before…make our dam lives easier

I have the following path: OS (C:)/ Neverwinternights/ NWN/nwmain and nwnloader

So how do I do it from here?

Once you’ve located the nwmain.exe file, you want to create a shortcut to it.

Then edit the shortcut to add -dmc to the end, like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\bin\win32\nwmain.exe” -dmc

Where the first part is whatever the shortcut link is. That should launch the DM Client for you.

The Neverwinter Connections Multiplayer Connection and Hosting Guide contains info for using the DM Client across different types of installs, and some other MP-related settings for NWN:EE you may want to check out.

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Thanks you all. I was away for a bit. Much appreciated :slight_smile: