DM Jump NWN2 And The Action Bar

I notice when I DM jump into NPCs - it doesn’t save the “Action Bar” I’ve set. So for example, if as the DM - I create an action bar that has a few of the “Feelings” (This is a bad idea…, Hey, I have an idea, etc) - as soon as I jump into an NPC with the DM Control - none of the saved Hotkeys/Action Bar commands are there. I’d get it if it was weapon related (like draw sword, jump into a wizard - the wizard doesn’t have a sword). But these are just the emotes.

Anyone know of a way to make those stay no matter who I DM jump into? (Or if maybe I am doing it in the wrong order…) I’d rather not recreate it for each NPC I jump into. NWN1, you could create it as a DM - and it kept it no matter who or what you jumped into.

im not a DM but perhaps look into making a tool:

- an item that fires emotes
- a self-dialog that fires emotes
- a gui that fires emotes

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