DMFI Update Feedback

An update to DMFI tools is being considered. The purpose of this update would be to take advantage of the latest functions and capabilities of NWN:EE, potentially moving away from the item-based wands and widgets into a more dynamic system based on text input, NUI forms/windows, and/or custom radial functionality (while optionally keeping the original item functionality). The purpose of this post is to get a general gauge of interest for this type of project. We don’t necessarily need actual ideas for changes to the system right now, just whether or not there’s an appetite for it. If we determine there is, the request for idea/changes will go out at a later time. You can leave comments here or via DM, or on the Neverwinter Connection discord server (#general).

The questions for this topic are:

  • Would you use an updated set of DMFI tools in your project? Keep in mind that the system would likely be completely re-written to take advantage of new techniques available in NWN:EE and if you have extensively customized or extended the original DMFI tools, this would break any work you’ve done.
  • Would you be willing to put any (even small amounts of) time/effort into project management, idea submission, and/or code creation/review/testing (or more than one)?
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Personally I like the wand over inputting commands. Not all of us can remember the long list of commands required to do or make the actions. I think computer savvy guys would like the command version, but not all of us are computer savvy enough to speak in that language.

Thanks for the feedback. How would you feel about a customizable nui form to replace all the wands and widgets?

You mean a new widget that does everything?

tinygiant is talking more of and updated system with custom NUI / GUI / Conversation system. Imtherealthing look at my DM tools from the base I link you to before to see some of the improvements that might be adopted(log in as a DM and see it special abilities). With EE updates to the core scripting/conversation system a better system can easily be made. tinygiant is trying to get community feedback.

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Ok I will log in as DM on your demo module to check it out.

Ok, so I went and logged in as a DM on your demo module. It took a long while to load for some reason…almost seemed like it wasn’t going to load (I had no such problem logging in as a PC). I did not see anything “new”…only on logout this large paint pallette of skin colours showed up in the background of the exit GUI.

What was I suppose to see or find that is different?

Oh by the way…please finish that WIP eleven woman…wow…looks amazing. i would love to have that in my module too. :slight_smile:

Dam I am so impressed with what you have done…my module feels so pathetic compared to your stuff.

Right click on empty area

Test though out.