Do it in Blender - quick tips

You can download import-export tool here: Neverblender

I’d like to share some tips to help you with creating custom content in Blender.
This is not a tutorial. If you want some tutorials, go here:
tiles and placeable tutorials
rigging a character for animation
modyfing body parts

My first tip - creating mirrored tile.
Let’s say you need a tile, which is mirrored image of the tile you already have:

Import the tile into Blender. Make sure, that 3D cursor is in the center. Aurora rootdummy should be in center by default. Change rotation center to 3D cursor:

Select mesh and mirror it in Edit mode:

After the mirroring Normals might be facing the wrong direction, flip them:

Repeat this for every mesh. After that rename the Aurora Rootdummy and lights (obligatory) and other meshes (recommended).
That’s all - now you can export the tile and add it to your hak.

You’re welcome to share your own tips :smiley:


How to achieve different results with this same texture

This was supposed to be next tip, but then it grew too long to put it here, so I’ve uploaded it as the tutorial: texturing tips


Interesting. When mirroring meshes in Gmax the normals are also facing in the wrong direction and I have to select all faces and flip them. I always thought this was a bug. If Blender does the same, I wonder what’s the reason for this.

  • probably the Dark Side of the Mirror :wink: but seriously - no idea, sorry , this issue is present in Blender 2.80 too, and, as a friend of mine reports - in Maya.
    Thanks for the comment :slightly_smiling_face:

Expected behaviour as far as I know. Mirroring does not flip normals.